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    American by birth, Texan by the Grace of God!
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    I'm studying Biology and Neuroscience, along with other pre-medical studies at THE University of Texas! Hook 'em!

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  1. So I received an email this past week informing me that it has been 10 years since I joined Sal's Forum! WOW! I don't know who all from those days still peruses through these forums, but for those of you that do, I hope all is well in your lives! I'd love to hear from you and reminisce on some of those old memories from that great community. To those of you that are newer to Sal's, may I bid you a piece of advice: this was once, and I hope still is, a great community of people whom came together due to common interest in a game, but created something truly unique, alive, and fulfilling with this community. Cheers to you all, and Hook Em Horns! ~Sgt. Pepper
  2. Sgt.Pepper

    Where did you guys end up?

    Frat + pre-med = lethal combination. I'm guessing you can manage both of them at once though. Both statements are correct, but I find that alcohol and sororities make things manageable. ~Sgt. Pepper
  3. Sgt.Pepper

    Where did you guys end up?

    Junior at The University of Texas (the one and only). Studying Neurobiology and Biochemistry, went frat, applying to medical school this summer. And let it be known that I would do some naughty things to go back to the old 2007 Sals days, even but for a moment. Hook Em, y'all. ~Sgt. Pepper
  4. Sgt.Pepper

    Happy Texas Independence Day!!!

    There is nothing objectionable about being awesome. 12 and a half hours from tip to tip. That's not exactly how things worked, it was more along the lines of ridiculous debt and inflation in the economy of our nation that led the American born settlers to join the United States ;) but nonetheless, we're damn proud of what we did to win our freedom. ~Sgt. Pepper
  5. Sgt.Pepper

    Happy Texas Independence Day!!!

    I'm glad to see that I am upholding my reputation! Haha
  6. Hey y'all, I just wanted to drop by and inform everyone here that today we celebrate the 178th anniversary of our forefathers assembling at Washington-On The Brazos and declaring this nation independent from the tyrannical Mexican government. As the great John Steinbeck once said: So, all ye bow down and hail the almighty Texas! ~Sgt. Pepper, y'all.
  7. Sgt.Pepper


    I will argue this ad infinitum et nosium! ~Sgt. Pepper
  8. Sgt.Pepper


    Ouch Exactly;) Hook 'Em. ~Sgt. Pepper The real UT, The University of Tennessee, was established in 1794. The University of Texas at Austin was established in 1883. That makes the University of Tennessee the real UT, having that name almost 90 years before the University of Texas at Austin was established. :) I feel like the higher ranked university should be awarded the benefit of the recognition ;) or the more well endowed university, or the one with the most Nobel prize winners, or hell, even the one with the best sports program if none of the above warrant us laying claim to UT. ~Sgt. Pepper
  9. Sgt.Pepper


    Ouch Exactly;) Hook 'Em. ~Sgt. Pepper
  10. Sgt.Pepper


    BTHO tu You know what Aggies and Longhorns have in common? They both applied to UT;) Hook 'Em ~Sgt. Pepper
  11. Sgt.Pepper


    THE University of Texas at Austin. Hook 'Em.
  12. Sgt.Pepper

    Best clan names of all time

    Fear and their junior clan Phobia were pretty creative. But yeah, DI, Coll, Corr, RoT were definitely great clan names. When I contemplated a return to RS a few years ago I was going to start up a clan and call it the United PKing Squadron [uPS] and have our slogan be "We Deliver". I thought that would have been legit. ~Sgt. Pepper
  13. Sgt.Pepper

    Pics Of Yourself!

    I would definitely be down to do something. Who else lives in the area? Truer words have never graced Sal's Realm. ~Sgt.Pepper
  14. Sgt.Pepper

    Pics Of Yourself!

    I hope you're not a freshman. My sister is a fish at t.u., I better not see you making any moves or I'll be sawing YOUR horn off... I typically never respond to someone using the phrase "t.u" but since this is Sal's, I'll be polite and respond. Well I'm a Junior, but I'll try to stay away from freshmen... if I can help it ~Sgt.Pepper
  15. This is slightly off topic but my username was also done in reference to a Beatles song. Thanks. ~Sgt.Pepper

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