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  1. skelengel

    Two Accounts?

    i have two sals accounts. one i made a long time ago and forgot the password. so i rejoined. i only plan on using this account for sals but i got the password back for the other one so i was wondering what to do with it?
  2. skelengel

    Glitchy Topic

    i have 2 piles of big bones in my bank
  3. skelengel

    Tech Support Group

    I agree with you. When I ask a question in the Tech Support section, I always wait for those Tech Members to answer. :( I think their should be some kind of Support group though. Just to help some of the new members. I don't see why the group was removed still. What was the real purpose? if you read a few posts back you would know that the techies were originally supposed to help with site projects and moderate the tech forums which is not needed anymore
  4. skelengel

    Behind the Scenes - October

    im lvl 92 freeplay. and we shall see if you can hold up to that =)
  5. skelengel

    Couple Have Sex On African Train Tracks, Died.

    i am guessing they were both suicidal and wanted to go out with a bang or even better on the news.
  6. skelengel

    Cereal You Prefer?

    i hate cereal i think its gross. but if i had to choose it would be rice crispies
  7. skelengel

    British Gamer Murdered Over Forum Dispute

    the really sad thing is he bought a plane ticket and flew all the way to england to kill this guy. over a videogame dispute.
  8. http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3170209 what a weird story. so sick to murder someone over a ds game.
  9. this isnt actually real world trading because they are not selling the gp for real money its just a clever way to make money in runescape. whats the big deal?
  10. skelengel


    quick question. is this actually a fake or did you just kill a highwayman and drop a highwayman mask? 10/10 for now if it is real
  11. skelengel

    Question About Combat

    yes actually
  12. the only thing i hate is the stupid adverts for freeplay. what? i have to wait to log into my freeplay pure?
  13. skelengel

    How Big Is Your School

    quite large because it is the only high school in my town. we have about 2000+ students and staff
  14. skelengel

    Grave Digger

    it is supposedly a very rare event but i suppose you could go to hill giants and bury their bones and just pick up and bury the ones people leave
  15. skelengel

    Car Bomb Kills 17 In Damascus

    First, they're still supporting Hizballah and the Hamas. Second, they're not willing to negotiate peace with our new female prime minister, Tzipi Livny. Shame isn't it? So, you mean, it doesn't really matter how many people are being killed and what's happening there aslong as it happens everyday and your country is not involved with it? i never said any of those things i was merely commenting on how this seems to be a common accurance in the middle east.

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