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  1. importgranny

    Money Making

    Pick Flax. Then Spin It. But Like Mike Said If You Already Have Money You Can Buy Flax, Then Spin It. Cutting The Right Trees Is A Good Way. Mining Rune Essence. Fishing Lobs/Tuna/Swords etc. Moss Giants Used To Drop Good Stuff. Not Sure How Good They Do Now. Do Those Big Spiders Still Drop Rune Scims?
  2. importgranny

    Easter 2008 - For All Players!

    Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find That Mysterious Statue?
  3. HAHA!! That One Takes The Cake! Let Me See.. Fished For Hundreds Of Shrimp & Wondered Why They Werent Selling. Of Course, The Goblin Mail Thing Wondered What At Draynor Manor Kept Hitting Me(Found Out It Was The Tree) Kept Trying To Take The Sara Staff At The Wise Old Man's House Go To The Wild & Talk Smack To The High Levels That Couldnt Touch Me lol Spend GP On 'Girlfriends' Who Never Logged Back In. Get Pwned By Hobgoblins(sp?) Got Scammed By This Guy. He Bought Cow Hides From Me For 10GP Each, & They Were 100 Ea. Not Knowing How To Train Def/Strength Until I Was In The Teen-Levels A Few More Things. Couldnt List Them Right Now. Im Too Tired.
  4. I Guess Thats How It Is In The F2P But, In The Members Jawn, Drops Aren't Too Cool. I've Gotten A Few Deaths, Few Nats, And Some Bloods I've also Gotten Addy Arrows & Yet To Get A Rune Scim. Rune Anything Actually. Im Coming To The Free Worlds Really Soon.
  5. importgranny

    So Poor What To Do Boohooboohoo!

    Mine Pure Rune Essence, Then Sell It In The G.E 1K At A Time. Worked Great For Me.
  6. importgranny


    Oh. Thanks.
  7. importgranny


    I Read Somewhere On One of The Guides That Exps. Were Good To Train On. It Looks Like The Guides Changed, So I Cant Seem To Find It Anymore. Where Can I Find Experiments? Thanks In Advance!
  8. importgranny

    Is Being Gay A "flaw"?

    I Don't Feel As Though Its A Flaw. I Just Try To Keep Myself Distanced From 'Gay' Individuals. I Was Raised That Way, So I Guess It Stuck.

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