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    Popping back into Runescape and Sal's every few years, going on a binge for a few weeks, and then disappearing again.

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  1. Back for another week of playing OSRS before I disappear off the face of Sal's again.

  2. Back for another week of playing OSRS before I disappear off the face of Sal's again.

  3. I don't have any knowledge in website design to add to the discussion, just my opinion. I fully support a move back towards the old feel of the forums. The modern feel has a place in wikis and reddits, but the forum is itself a little outdated (until some new advancements are made in forums as a whole perhaps?) so I see no reason to try to follow the feel of those different applications. I loved the warm feeling that the old design had. And I think this new design Fatalysm is a move in the right direction. I think if Sal wants to keep this site afloat that we need to focus on the forum and the guides. The Sal's guides were what originally brought me to this website and I always utilized them even if there were Wikis with huge item/monster databases. Like the website as a whole, they were unique and friendly while still providing all the information needed. Which came first the forum or the guide? I imagine the guides brought more users to the forum, but the forum is what kept them here and provided the creators of the guides. The clan chat in-game still has players involved so surely there's still hope for the website.
  4. I second on the old retro design the forum/website used to have. It was friendly and warm, the new one is modern but doesn't have that feel. Also... off topic here but this is the most recent topic in this sub-forum... the most users online was a year ago at 3,000 some and now there's only 2 users online... what happened so drastically in that year timeframe? (I've been off since 2013 with a brief visit in 2014) Or is that number wrong or something?
  5. Looks like we both just popped back in after a while. I used to play back in 08/09. You have accomplished a lot more than me though in that time, I can't even remember my login info. :( But good job on the levels.
  6. I tend to check into the forums every few years and then login to the game and go on a few weeks spree of playing before I get bored. The game has changed so much now it's kind of interesting to play again, I feel like I'm playing a completely new game, although there's still a foundation knowledge there. Watching Sal's get quieter each time I come back has been sad. I honestly hope it just stays up forever. I do love logging in and seeing familiar faces have still been posting. EDIT: Also, how the hell do I log into the clan/friends chat? I'm on RS3 and it says I don't have the proper rank. Name is 'Rainthrowqr'
  7. Pies


    My bad I should have specified U.S. Air Force. :P Forgot there's people on here from other places as well. A few of your names are horribly familiar! Glad to see you guys are still at it. Does anyone know if Finisterra still plays/uses the forum? He's one of the good friends I really remember.
  8. Pies


    Well Sal emailed me and blackmailed me to sign back on to say hey. So hey... 6 years ago I joined Sal's, kept up a skiller log, was a regular member of the CC, and jumped around on like 20 different pure and skiller accounts in the game. They were the best of times, tried to get back into the game recently but it just wasn't happening. I'll probably never forget Sal's though and the good times I spent cruising the forums. I kept more to the Runescape-related forums though so most of you probably don't remember me. If you do you might know me by Or Eat Pies, or simply Pies. Anyway since I left I went off to college, majoring in engineering, quit half way through because my parents were paying my way through and I didn't want to burden them any longer and followed my childhood dream of joining the military. I joined the Air Force and now I'm stationed in California. Not necessarily my favorite place but it could be worse. Oh and no I do not fly planes lol. My job actually has nothing to do with them. Keep on keeping on Sal's! Got some great memories here. KCCO, Pies
  9. Just leveling combat through Slayer, in the past I've always been about pures/skillers so this time I plan to take advantage of other aspects of the game! I would like to do Barrows sometime. Good to see you back too! ^_^ Here's a total update. Got a lot of levels that I didn't take pictures of. It's a pain to take screenshots of all these low levels. Here's my 15 Prayer picture, which if you looked at the above pic is actually 16 now. :P
  10. I definitely remember your log/name from when I played too! Congrats in all the quests, and that's pretty lame how you lost your cash in EOC >_<
  11. I'd give you an A on the map lol, pretty accurate for as much as I've seen. And congrats on the Woodcutting too! :D
  12. Congrats on the Woodcutting! I remember your name from when I used to prowl the forums but not post much. Glad to see people come back for Old School! I came back for it after 4 years of inactivity.
  13. Congrats on all the levels, Shield of Arrav I remember as an annoying quest, so congrats on finishing that one already!
  14. I like your log setup. ^_^ Congrats on all the levels already, keep it up!
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