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  1. Bazza777

    92 Woodcutting

    Congrats!lol I found my old 92 woodcutting picture. Heck, that's before they released slayer! [unsafe Link Removed]
  2. Bazza777


    Oops, I meant to link that to Zybez, I think it was a wow article I had just copied.
  3. Bazza777

    Rune Scimmy,or Baxe?

    Scimitar is the most balanced weapon
  4. Bazza777

    All-american Rejects?

    Most of those types of bands are all about marketing
  5. Bazza777

    Funniest Things That Happened At School

    Well that seems rude!
  6. Bazza777

    Rares? Good Time?

    Ah yes, red would be a solid investment
  7. Bazza777

    What Is The Best Way To Construction Level 99?

    Either calculator is helpful
  8. Bazza777

    16,000,000 Firemaking Xp!

    Very nice level!
  9. Bazza777

    Skychi = Gone

    I'll miss her
  10. Bazza777

    Motivate Me!

    Those are really funny
  11. Bazza777

    All-american Rejects?

    Not quite my cup of tea, I prefer 80's glam metal myself.
  12. Bazza777

    Noah's Arc

    Not my style of show, sorry mate.
  13. Bazza777

    Supreme Commander Zanik

    Sounds interesting, kind of hard to follow though. Keep working on it
  14. Bazza777

    Look At What I Stumbled Across!

    Looks good for old work
  15. Bazza777

    Rares? Good Time?

    I'd buy at least a Santa or Mask, hold on to it for a while, the price is bound to go up soon. And it still looks cool.

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