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  1. Scrum

    Do You Like Pures?

    well i have one but he not pur3! he was wit 50 fishing but now i trained him - him
  2. Scrum

    What Would You Do With 200m?

    saNTA HAT! err... rune (t) like 10 sets lol err... rune (g) like 10 sests lol err... zammy cape err... zammy armer full drag loads of sharks an easter egg 10 sets of every armer (rune and under) oh and a santa hat :) :/ i dont have that money tho :/ :) give it toooooo me jagex! :/
  3. Scrum

    How Often Are You Called A Noob?

    on my spare all the time, on my main, when pushy lvl 40-50's want me to sell them my rune and like everything (and in cln wrs where i own ppl) im being called one by the site :)
  4. Scrum

    Coolest Weapon

    hmmmmmmm. I lurve granite mauls!
  5. Scrum

    Easter Egg Sightings

    cool ty cant wait fer easter event psyched lol
  6. Scrum

    Join Scrumstar8 (if You Isn't Scared)

    the test is basicly kill me in the duel arena - under lvl 40's fight me but i aren't wearing armer harder tests may occur if neccesary
  7. We own and basicly me and my m8s put u through initiation tests and then voila if you pass you can get a decent rank, if you do jobs fer the clan you can also get wages from generals like me and some freinds We are called Sir Jimmy for a reason - we are the best clan on runescape
  8. Scrum

    Happy 10th To The Newspaper!

    woooooooooo! (whats the newspaper?) :)

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