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    Name: Scrum Mental Age: don't have none Gender (M/F): Male Heb0? (Y/N): Will you use your ego responsibly? (Y/N): Defo boi Name: Scrum Mental Age: don't got none Gender (M/F): Male Heb0? (Y/N): Will you use your ego responsibly? (Y/N): More than anything
  2. Scrum


    Swindon had an offer accepted for Oxford's Constable, their fans were abusing him endlessly and then he stayed put because he wanted to stay Awkward! I'm not too bothered because while he's a good player, I believe other players on our books are better. However symbolically it'd have been absolutely hilarious.
  3. Scrum


    I'd say all clubs buy success, that was my point. If Arsenal haven't bought success, then I don't think Real Madrid have - yes, they've spent a lot more money, but historically they've been one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world. Still, I can see all of your points. But what City are doing now is no different to what other teams have done in the past.
  4. Scrum

    Profile Background Patterns!

    Mine's a picture of me. Because I love myself.
  5. Scrum


    Man Utd have in the past been quite good at bringing through academy players, but the majority of their squad is expensive players. When you consider that their 'young players' now are Morrison, Pogba (both probably leaving, Pogba was bought in from France at 16), the Brazilian twins, Smalling, Jones, De Gea etc - who were all bought in for a lot of money, and that's not to even mention players like Ferdinand and Rooney who cost in the region of £30m Arsenal have never once in their history bought the title! Because yes, Wenger didn't buy Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sylvain Wiltord, Dennis Bergkamp, Freddy Ljumberg, Jose Antonio Reyes, Nwankwo Kanu, Sol Campbell, and so on. I guess Gio van Bronckhorst and Junichi Inamoto don't count either. I'll even admit to actually quite liking Arsenal above the rest of the Premier League, but even though Wenger has developed a lot of players careers (and definitely since the collapse of the Invincibles). However, just like any top team, Arsenal have bought success, just like any team. Even Cesc Fabregas, who Wenger nurtured, was brought in to Arsenal from Barcelona - another (bigger) club.
  6. This is a surprise. I jolted in my seat when I came aboard today. IMPROVEMENT
  7. Scrum

    Rip Denholm

    Such a good TV show
  8. Scrum


    It's happening where I live too. I think like four/five girls who were in my year have become pregnant or have had children in the past year (that I'm aware of). It's crazy
  9. Scrum

    Steam Game Updates

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the steam client/games?
  10. Scrum


    Like Man City don't? Let's face it, "buying the title" is spending a lot of money on mercenary players. A lot of Man United and Arsenal teams over the PL era haven't been quite that, but it'd be short sighted not to see that most football players are now playing for money, and by definition any team that wins a game by virtue of players they've bought rather than raised through the ranks has 'bought the title'.
  11. Scrum


    Of course they have :( Just like Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn have
  12. Scrum


    Swindon are officially better at attacking than Man City
  13. For someone to spend time with? Seems a good enough reason to me. Sex isn't the be all and end all to every teenage male (although it is to lots of people)
  14. Scrum

    Should School Stay Mandatory, And Until When?

    I'm mixed. I agree with pretty much what Egghe said, but I'm also an incredibly bitter person, who can't help but think that I may have enjoyed/gained a bit more from Years 7-9 (or grades 6-8) had I not been mixed in with such idiots, who ended up dropping out as soon as possible after their GCSE exams. But on a broad scale (and not just talking about my own experiences), education should be free to all. That said, if that right is abused constantly, it should be taken away completely to that individual, and the student should either have to pay for the privilege of being educated, or never realise their potential due to being a stupid coochie.
  15. Scrum


    Things, they be looking up. My whole body is in total stress mode still, though. It's hard to revert after worrying for about a month, and I found myself disintegrating in German. It probably doesn't help that school starts too early (because I clearly don't go to bed too late, not at all). There are other reasons things are looking up too. People that I know have begun to read my blog (on wordpress) and have been telling me that it's really good. It also leads to better conversations, because people will bring up something I've talked about before, and it's a lot easier than talking normally. Everything else seems to be going fine. Other than my German teachers thinking I might do something crazy, which is worrying as they've known me for many years. I must be in a bit of a state. Ah well, if all falls down, I am making new friends at the moment. I might have to patch things up with one of my old ones (because I told him to fudge off when he said my ego was too big), but I'm not really fussed. As long as it's easy for me to do, it's fine.
  16. Scrum


    Swindon might be signing Rooney
  17. Personally I think it depends. If you want to be in a long term relationship, there are certain people that you can see yourself dating that you don't perhaps think about having sex with straight away. I know personally I tend to think about things as a process of liking someone and wanting to spend a lot of time with them, rather than wanting to introduce them to my member. That said I'm not very successful with girls, maybe I should put my rape face on more frequently. I actually rofled, HEBO FOR BIGGEST EGO 2011! :( Or 2012? :D
  18. Scrum


    Went well The pressure on my brain and back has been lifted.
  19. Scrum


    I made stupid mistakes too, but I knew more of it than I thought I did :P
  20. Scrum


    Swindon win 2-1 I can almost smell the automatic promotion places!
  21. Scrum


    Cheers :) It was all stuff I think I knew (and which worked well enough) apart from like two questions Which hopefully means I've got a B. :D
  22. Scrum


    Bumped my grade up from a low E to a high C with all of the work I've done since the start of last week for maths! :D Just need those extra few marks for a solid B and I'll be really happy come March when I get my results. That said, I'm going to mentally prepare myself for a resit, just in case. This is the worst exam prep I've had, mostly because it's the one I've been struggling in. It's not *new* things, but that's the issue: I didn't really know much of it coming into Year 12, and we skimmed over it. Luckily, I'm doing well now and I'm doing likewise with everything else. I prepared myself mentally to ask the girl I mentioned on Friday out yesterday, but she wasn't in because of exam leave. Today was a really stressful day (ending in me crashing out on one of the common room sofas having a chat with the girl who rejected me many moons ago. It was a good chat, and we're definitely back to being as good friends as we were before. Oh, and I sorted out some maths work. Did an exam paper when I got in, got the high C, did a few questions from the book, and since then I've been watching Peep Show. Decent day, all in all, but I'm going to have to prepare myself again to ask the girl out. And do the Maths. I've decided after Friday I'm going to have a week of taking it easier, so I can catch up on the homework and stuff due to not being frazzled when I get home. Most of my teachers are fine with me putting it off until after the exam, due to the fact I've been lagging behind in that one subject, and outperforming myself in their subjects. :) Oh, and I've been looking at unis, I still cannot believe how expensive it is in the UK. I actually looked at Australia and NZ, but it seems to cost slightly more (considering I'll be classed as a foreigner despite having the same head of state). Canada seems alright, might check out Ireland and Germany some more. But yeah, it feels so far off but I know I need to be doing open days and stuff soon. At least I'll have the few days of bliss after the exam, and if I'm lucky, someone to share them with.
  23. Scrum


    Year and a half now, but we need to have all our uni stuff sorted out really early in the next academic year :P And yeah, that'd be awesome, tuition fees have gone up to £9000 a year over here and most unis seem to be charging that a year now :P And thanks Goggie, I'm just blitzing maths to boost it up as much as possible :) I'll take a look art the Netherlands too :D
  24. Scrum

    German Language Resources?

    I found since having a penpal my German has picked up massively. Definitely something you should try to arrange through your class/the internet! Just talking it for a few minutes a day gets your mind thinking about it and placing sentences into your mind. You also talk about *actual* stuff. :P Otherwise, I've found that there are a few decent things on YouTube. When you're totally bored, it's worth firing it up to see if there's any little tutorial things, and of course like other people said, watch shows in German. I've also been listening to a lot of German music, which helps with two factors: hearing the words (as well as enjoying the music), and maybe even listening to interviews and such! If you like the singer Lena, there's a very good channel with english subtitled interviews, which I picked up a bit from, and not just because I like the singer. *cough* All there is to learning it in my opinion is picking up as much as you can in class and applying it. It'll feel overwhelming now, but in a few months you'll find it second nature if you do a few of these things :( Oh, and just google translate useful verbs. Widens your vocab massively if you know how to do them correctly. Does mean learning verb forms, but again it becomes second nature. And remember, that German is the same for "I eat pizza" and "I am eating pizza", which is a mistake I made a lot at the start :D
  25. Scrum


    First leg of the tie was away, ended 1-1. Apparently players were jaded (played twice a week for like 3 weeks now) so makes sense. Looking forward to Rotherham on Saturday!

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