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  1. Year and a half now, but we need to have all our uni stuff sorted out really early in the next academic year :P And yeah, that'd be awesome, tuition fees have gone up to £9000 a year over here and most unis seem to be charging that a year now :P


    And thanks Goggie, I'm just blitzing maths to boost it up as much as possible :) I'll take a look art the Netherlands too :D

  2. thats third step hebo. you have to ask for hw first dummy (:

    But it's so much better to start your conversations with "I have your mother and I'm going to kill her"

    Think this is where I might have been going wrong all these years


    I usually kill their mother first



  3. I have 2 question


    "haha it's 555-555-5555"

    i tell girl this all the time and she say she txt me but i never get txt?????


    "hey" or "hey what's up?"

    i say this to lots of girl on fb but they never answer wat i do wrong????

    You're not being Mr Fang :lolsmack:

  4. Getting girls isn't everything.

    Don't know when anyone said it is, considering I focussed probably 10 minutes actually writing this blog and speaking to her in total yesterday, compared to about 4 hours of maths work.... I think my priorities are quite well balanced.


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