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    Couldn't they name a stand after him? If that's not already happened
  2. Scrum


    Yo bro, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Barbados - Grenada 4-2 was the best match of all time OF ALL TIME I'm not going to attempt to argue with that, you're right
  3. Scrum


    It's been a crazy, eventful year. I spent the first 6 or so months of the year juggling working too much at a fast food restaurant and trying to do my A levels. It wasn't fun, but just like famed singer and one of the greatest humans to ever live, Daniel Bedingfield, I got through it. The whole time I was excited to just get it over and done with - after a summer where I continued to work too much, didn't sleep that much at all, and spent an inordinate amount of time discussing football tactics on Twitter and watching the U21 Euros, I got my grades, my place at university, and even managed to finish working. Given that I didn't have a weekend off until late September - when I moved to uni - it's very odd to say I've not done any work since then. Will probably have to change that in the new semester, as a weekend job would be pretty useful, but still. University is probably the thing that's changed the most about me. I'm somehow more disciplined in my sleeping patterns, which perhaps says more about what I was like before, but given that all my lectures are at 9am you really have to be in control about things. I've realised I can adapt pretty well to most situations and have no trouble looking after myself, I've cried drunkenly under a girl's bed at 2pm for no real reason, and I've made a group of good friends with whom I'm not always the running joke of the group. Life is good. If 2014 continues on this trajectory, it'll be the best one yet
  4. Scrum


    The best match ever happened last month brothers, Swindon 0-0 Crawley. Epic.
  5. Scrum

    your song of the year

    tune yo
  6. Scrum

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Hi guys. have decided to embrace my inner swag
  7. Scrum


    Well there aren't any lower league teams to lose to in the CL, so they might have a better chance there haha Swindon are now 6th in League 1 but could go second if they beat Tranmere and even possibly go top (on goal difference) depending on the Crawley-Doncaster game Crazy league
  8. Scrum


    Good to see you back here :P I can't work out what's happening to Brentford, they've been going through a really bad spell recently. At least we've got a win again now. The absolutely shocking performances by Premier league teams tonight cheered me up though. I never meant to leave actually, just kept forgetting to visit as when I left this thread was fairly inactive! Brentford are still doing quite well though, it's incredible how tight it is at the top of the league at the moment. I still stand by my suggestion that Swindon will win it though ;)
  9. Scrum

    Crazy Days

    Turned 18 a few weeks ago. As is expected of someone who's turned 18, I've been ruining my liver/enjoying* dancing in a warm room ever since. That's when I'm able to. Unfortunately I'm in Year 13 and that means a lot of work. I'm trying to get all my coursework done as soon as possible so I can focus on my small amount of summer exams (having sat my English Language exam in January rather than the summer). I have the motivation to do so, what with having offers from the two universities I had my heart set on going to, but I have spent most of the half-term break looking into life at the universities even more, just because I really want to be there now. It's great being so close to something I've been working towards for such a long time. That's always been the real incentive! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves so far this year and are close to achieving your goals too :) *as far as I can recall
  10. Scrum

    Six Nations

    It's been a good tournament so far. Glad England are the only team on for a Grand Slam, too ;)
  11. Scrum


    Just watched Gladbach draw 3-3 to Lazio. Crazy match. Gladbach had 3 penalties (of which they scored two), and Arango scored a beautiful free kick to boot. Lazio were very effective going forward too. Not sure what's going on with Swindon at the moment - but nobody does. This takeover saga is dragging on. ps. as requested, I am here Goggie! :P
  12. Scrum

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Hi guys, it's been a while
  13. Scrum


    So much has changed. I've hardly had time for Sal's since the site overhaul (just posting in a few threads pretty much), even though I wanted to stay active. Oh well. I've had a job for 7 months with a "reputable" multinational fast food chain. You might have heard of it. It's the home of the Big Mac. I've also had a lot of work in school. And I've had uni offers! And I've struggled to wake up every day for 2 months because I'm not happy with all of this shizzle I have on my plate. Anyway, that brief overview of the last 7/8 months or so is over. Now, onto something that hasn't changed. Girls. Well, it has changed a bit. I'm relatively successful now, at least in the whole flirting bit. A girl from work and I have been exchanging smiles, favours and jokes for quite a while now and today she sort of hugged me from behind. It was nice. I think she might like me. I am looking forward to seeing her next weekend and hopefully moving closer towards a place where it won't be awkward to ask her if she wants a hot beverage. I mean, I could just talk to her on facebook but I'd have to come up with an excuse for that. So unless I have a brainwave, I'll update this next Saturday.
  14. Scrum


    Basically Lilshu, you just have to elbow them really hard and then they fall for your charm!!! //MrFang
  15. Scrum


    On the topic of good goals (a few weeks later but still), this is my favourite
  16. If the kid isn't named Garry, I'm disinterested.
  17. Scrum

    The British Monarchy

    That applies to most celebrity weddings though. Most celebrity weddings aren't, however, the main remit of every news channel in the UK :P
  18. Scrum

    The British Monarchy

    I am ideologically opposed to monarchies - I would like to think that anyone from anywhere could rise to a position of power, and a monarchy is the absolute opposite of that idea - but in practise the monarchy means very little other than more tourism. Also, even without the Royals, we'd still have the problem of the upper classes still being at a massive advantage to their middle and working class counterparts in terms of opportunities. It makes my blood boil that really talented people have to go to bad schools and settle down into dead-end jobs while Prince Harry, for example, gets the best education on offer, does fairly poorly in comparison to many state educated pupils (B in Art and D in Geography at A level), and yet still gets to live a life of luxury. It's a travesty, really. Also it irritates me that I have to avoid news outlets like the plague whenever there's a Royal event. A wedding isn't news!
  19. Scrum

    Schools and internet

    1. Definitely not, but I'd like to see it encouraged. My school doesn't have wifi for the students, but has the facilities for laptops to be used by the students (with loads of excess plugs for chargers, spare desks for them to be placed at etc). It doesn't really make sense, but it's apparently something they're looking into which isn't too bad I suppose. 2. To an extent. Explicit material should definitely be banned, as should games, but I'm not too sure on social networks. Having recently purchased a smartphone, it's really nice to check facebook/twitter at lunch or maybe during a free, but then again for the younger students that might not be a force for good. To be fair for me it's probably not brilliant either, but at least I 100% want to be there (as I am there out of choice) and the learning is a lot more independent now I'm in my final year so it doesn't impact too much on the rest of the class. Overall it's a nice thing to have but I think as long as there's accessible internet connection on desktops then that's fine. One thing I do have a problem with is my current German teacher who refuses to let me use a dictionary app on my phone to check words while in her class, making me use an actual dictionary instead. You know, the ones you can't type into? It's on the basis of it being "the way I had to do it during A levels!" (during the 1980s) apparently.
  20. Scrum


    Really though? Swindon have gotten over their crisis and all is good! :D Aston Villa at the CG soon too.
  21. Scrum


    Hoping to catch Hannover-Hoffenheim after work tomorrow The best attacking side this season vs the worst defensive side this season
  22. Scrum


    Quite an upset there then, Malta are the team with all the history in that encounter!
  23. You don't really follow chart music do you? :P Not really, but I know he's fairly popular. That said, so was Gary Glitter at one point.
  24. There's absolutely no agenda in the title at all. No siree. Maybe if this guy was actually important then I'd have some sort of emotion but it just seems like people drag up this whole incident whenever Chris Brown's mentioned. We all know he's a bit of a muppet and we all know that beating women is wrong, so it's just a circlejerk of "lolwatanarse" over and over and over again. As it is he's just a washed up pop bloke, he matters about as much as celery and pottery.
  25. Scrum

    2012 Election Thread

    In the long term? Yes. In the short term, no. How so? I really don't understand global economics, so I'm hoping to learn something. If you kick a country out of a currency that spans many countries, then investors in the currency lose faith in the rest of the countries in the currency as they can't afford to prop up another country. That's the immediate hit, followed up by things slowly getting better.

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