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  1. Joraiem

    Monkey Greegree

    ive seen certain people being a ble to transform into monkeys, and i assume they somehow do it using the monkey greegrees, buti cannot make it powereful enough. i may be wrong altogether, how do you transform? id also like to now how to turn intoother things i have seen people as such a, sheep, imps, rocks, etc thnks
  2. Joraiem

    Treasure Trails

    ok now i got one that says this temple is rather sluggish, the chest just inside the entrance, however, is filled with goodies... and ideas?
  3. Joraiem

    Treasure Trails

    its exact words are North of the best monkey restaurant on Karamja, look for the centre of the triangle of boats and search there.
  4. Joraiem

    Treasure Trails

    i got a clue telling me to dig in a trinagle of boats on Karmaja that is north of the best monkey restaurant this is a new clue, so it isnt on my clue guide... any ideas? actually i think it may be on crandor... headed there right now nope.. not on crandor... still n eed help no ones being very helpful
  5. Joraiem


    Can some people list the quests that give construction xp im at lvl 46 contruction and it gettingannoyin building the same thing over and over again on my workbench for xp
  6. Joraiem

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    change... supermans gay!
  7. Joraiem

    Easter 2008 - For All Players!

    the cape really isn't that cool... and what do u mean by extra rewards?
  8. Joraiem

    Easter 2008 - For All Players!

    can anyone tell me where all the eggs are?

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