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  1. Snowdrama139

    The Guide To Free To Play Safe Spots - I Quit

    Great guide with awesome info. Good luck getting it on the site.
  2. Snowdrama139

    Back From The Hacked! My Every Day Log

    no screenshot, no topic. Reported. Also, stop bragging. Calm down and give him a seconds, sheesh. Best of luck with your goals, sorry about the hacking thing, really sucks. Good luck.
  3. Snowdrama139

    Two 70s In A Minute.

    To bad you couldn't get that 70 Strength too. :) Congrats a lot.
  4. Snowdrama139

    Acheving "half" Of Your First Goal. :d

    98 Farming! :P Ok, how's.. -85 Magic -70 Ranged -80 Stregnth -70 Prayer -76 Fishing -85 Slayer -All Skills 50+ :) ~Camo
  5. Snowdrama139

    Barr's Goals & Achievements| 98 Cmb | Skilling <3

    Grats, Barr. <3 Nice job on both, good luck. <3333333333 ~Camo
  6. Snowdrama139

    Software Upgrade [complete]

    Oh. Hope the skin creators hurry up. :o My favourite skin has the slowest updater. ~Camo
  7. Snowdrama139

    85 Slayer?

    Who? Grats 2 u on 85 Slayer. :D Slayerz me a whip. >:P ~Camo
  8. Snowdrama139

    Drop's Way For 99 Huntering!

    Good luck. :D When you get 99 Hunting, you can be the first catch a Camo Deer. :P ~Camo
  9. Snowdrama139

    My Knife R Getting Owned. :'(

    Brewi ai't hawt, it was pointing at the Knight in Shiny Armor. Grats again, but erm.. who attacked Brewi and owned him while he was uploading the photos? ^_^ ~Camo
  10. Snowdrama139

    Search By Rs Name

    Member name begins with contains Photo Members' Gender Home page contains Signature contains AIM Identity contains Yahoo! Identity contains ICQ Number contains MSN Identity contains Post & Date Ranges Post count is Join date is less than more than (MM-DD-YYYY) Last post is less than more than (MM-DD-YYYY) Last visit is less than more than (MM-DD-YYYY) RuneScape Name RuneScape Status RuneScape Version RuneScape God Favorite Skill Combat Type Combat Level Overall Skill Level RuneScape Clan ---- Those are all the options to 'Toggle more Options' by looking at the members. Is that all you meant? ~Camo
  11. Snowdrama139

    Barr's Goals & Achievements| 98 Cmb | Skilling <3

    Skipper! >:) Good luck Barr. If you ever wanna get 99 cooking, mi doing that, cook..with..mi. Good luck on your millions of money thingy. Give a few dozen mill to a homeless girl who hasn't eaten in days because jamie ate her food. Voila, mi. ;) ~Camo
  12. Take off his Avvy, it's called plagiarism. -.-

  13. Snowdrama139

    Congratulations To....

    Kron and Monte Kyle just got Modified. Grats guys, good luck Kron keeping Dani calm in the Stormbrazer thread. > :greenhat: Congratz. ~Camo
  14. Snowdrama139

    Name Changes

    Camo back to Camo Deere! ~Camo Deere
  15. Snowdrama139

    Random Levels


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