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  1. -Caleb-

    What Happened?

    Click the report button. Easier than that? No way. You can't get a strike for having an oversized signature. A strike =/= warn. Out of everything that was stated on this topic, that's really all you're going to pick out and respond to? You must be proud knowing that you single-handedly were the final straw that pushed 75% of the members active in CD to migrate to new forums.
  2. -Caleb-

    What Happened?

    Seems like someone is a bit upset that the potential position they've been campaigning for since their arrival won't count for a thing considering all the clans switched to a new forum. In a different light, I think the new forums have way too many Mods. Giving someone from each clan power sounds good in theory, but it only takes one idiot to cause a power abusing cluster fight.
  3. -Caleb-

    Jagex Cup Matchups

    Looking forward to TT v Cor and RSD v THE
  4. -Caleb-

    Exodus Vs Syndicate

    I was under the impression Syndicate had control for the majority of the fight with you regrouping, however I didn't witness it in person so I'll refrain from making any assumptions. Grats on the win Exodus. Would be interesting to see you have a rematch with EoS sometime soon. Good effort Syn.
  5. -Caleb-

    Activity Check

    RuneScape Name: Titansfan33 RuneScape Clan: FT
  6. -Caleb-

    Favorite Pictures Of Your Clan

    Respect to those oldschool enough to remember this.
  7. -Caleb-


    I believe the staff of Sals threw a hissy fit last time this was tried because it used the name "Sals" without their consent. However, I don't think they can technically do anything about it. Regardless, it will work for a while but they usually seem to fade out.
  8. -Caleb-

    Forgotten Templars Vs Genesis Knights

    Sorry I couldn't be there guys. Good job on holding out though and beating GK even while outleveled. Glad to see we are picking it up again.
  9. If Sals modded CD as frequently as they do signature limits or one word posting, we wouldn't even be in this situation.
  10. -Caleb-

    Forgotten Templars Vs Exercitum

    Nicely done everyone. Sorry I couldn't be there.
  11. -Caleb-

    'the' Vs Lf

    Grats THE.
  12. -Caleb-

    Forgotten Templars Vs. Exodus

    Easy fight. Expected more of a challenge. Good job guys.
  13. -Caleb-

    Physics Help

    Not sure what you're asking. The incline has an angle of 20.00 degrees and the Applied Force is being pulled at an angle 10.00 degrees below the horizontal.
  14. -Caleb-

    Physics Help

    So since I have no idea what to call this type of physics, it was hard for me to be more specific. I drew up the diagram we're supposed to answer in paint, so it may not be scaled correctly but it should work alright. In case that's hard to read, the mass of the top box is 30.00Kg. Bottom box is 100.0 Kg. The 20.00 and 10.00 are the measurements of the angles, but I couldn't be bothered to use a degree symbol. blush.gif The applied force is 850.0N and we're told to assume it's a lightweight/frictionless pulley. Any and all help would be appreciated greatly.

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