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  1. ski natique

    Trouble Loading The Game

    I'm pretty sure they've got a computer help section. Why don't you try posting about it there?
  2. ski natique


    Fish trout and salmon. It's the fastest fishing XP ever.
  3. ski natique

    Woa. Wat Does This Mean?

    Get yourself a Lava Staff on the GE. They've got unlimited fire runes and unlimited earth runes too.
  4. ski natique

    How To Get To 99 Cooking?

    I'm pretty sure that's the level when you stop burning lobsters. Buy raw on the GE, cook, and sell. Good luck.
  5. ski natique


    They should be removed because they're annoying, but RuneScape needs something that makes mining rune ore hard so yeah...
  6. ski natique

    Is This Weird?

    Someone's going to report you for that shizzle, and you're going to get muted again.
  7. ski natique

    Halo-fally Massacre

    I don't think it's stupid. I think it's cool.
  8. No way. RuneScape is the funest game ever.
  9. ski natique


    Go with cooking man. It's actually a worth while skill. Firemaking is so boring.
  10. ski natique

    Old Jagex Website

    They did. Check out Flea Circus.
  11. ski natique

    99 Prayer At Lvl 15?

    Man, that's pretty sweet. Do you have a screen shot?
  12. ski natique

    Has Anyone Else Had This Idea

    It would be a waste of money.
  13. ski natique

    Easter Egg Sightings

    I accidentally ate one of the eggs.
  14. ski natique

    Stupid Noob! Wants My Password..

    Erm, if they banned an ISP, anyone who used them wouldn't be able to play. How is that fair?
  15. ski natique

    Mods I Need Assistance.

    Click the report button in the topic next time.

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