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  1. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    i am a join date
  2. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    Your post made no sense, and at best reinforced what I was saying. Or are you too stupid to understand that? let me set a scene for you its a nice sunday night i am having myself a nice evening on sals runescape forum i come across a topic related to /b/ being down, possibly due to censorship by at&t as a customer of at&t, i post my experience with at&t customer support the topic i have posted in becomes filled with 13 year olds posting unfunny shizzle i am told that my opinion is invalid because i have a low post count by someone that has been a member of this forum for several months less than i have this member then enlightens me that "internet memes are commonly used on this internet forum" this revelation is too much for me to handle i proceed to cry the end original screenplay by bottles
  3. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    yeah, cause i mean its not like internet memes are common anywhere else on the internet
  4. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    /b/ is down the nerdrage will flow like a river in hell
  5. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    Where did I ever say/imply that? GTFO. well if youd take the time to look at the post you made 2-3 minutes ago.. maybe i should quote it, i dont know if youd be able to handle finding it
  6. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    yeah youre right internet memes are exclusive to sals realm of runescape what on earth was i thinking any other tips for a new member
  7. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    LOOK AT ME I KNOE FUNNEE MEMES HURF DURF wait youre right, since i have 11 posts my opinion is invalid please continue being original and hilarious
  8. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    how quickly this topic turned into a breeding ground for unfunny dbags posting unfunny garbage oh god /b/ migrated
  9. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    theres a shizzlestorm incoming thats all i can tell at this point
  10. Bottles

    Have You Guys Heard Of This?

    i have at&t and havent been able to connect according to status.4chan.org at&t has blacklisted i talked to a rep on the at&t customer service chat and he told me it's not coming from their end and said no when i asked them if they were enacting internet censorship but apparently other people have had different experiences regardless, its bullshizzle
  11. Bottles

    Sal's Member Pokemon Game

    do me yellow man
  12. Bottles

    We Buy Drugs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSNjJ0gQvc8 now lets get smokin some pot alright how many should we take i dunno, 4? no i heard some kid died off four
  13. Bottles

    Describe Yourself

    wow u sound pretty hot can i rub you wow can i come no homo brah
  14. Bottles

    Describe Yourself

    im really buff i have bleached spikes with the sides buzzed i have an earring in my left ear (not right LOL) im a tan man i normally dont wear shirts cuz of my pecks but i have some affliction, tapout, and no fear shirts they r sick, sometimes i wear unbuttoned or half open dress shirts i wear really sick jeans they are kind of slim on my thighs and knees but get relaxed as they go further down, they are always faded and frayed im getting some tats done soon which will be sick im going to get some dragons, a ying yang and maybe the ankh symbol yeah when i talk i say dude and sick a lot what ever i drink lots of monster energy and no fear energy its pretty sick my fav band is papa roach yeah i have my bluetooth in all the time what ever

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