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  1. Pwnedyo

    Hey Guys.

    Hey guys. What's up? :P
  2. Pwnedyo

    Modq Shows Up In Certain Skin

    I use that skin, and I've never seen the ModQ. Perhaps you're part of another group with overlapping permissions?
  3. Pwnedyo

    Help Anyone?

    I think he's just looking for a project todo more than just trying to repair it. Strip the ends off the red and black wires, and the cord. Then,solder the wires to the mic's cord. If you aren't sure where they go, touch them together and test it out before you solder.
  4. Pwnedyo

    Downloading Game Problem

    The same thing happened to me yesterday. I downloaded a game over wireless Internet (about 650 MB), and it got corrupted! Try downloading it using a wired connection and from a different website if you can.
  5. Pwnedyo


    Technology hurts the environment just take a look at the things around you. Woodcutting Axe - Chops down a small amount of trees. Chainsaw - Chops down a huge amount of trees and pollutes the environment. Horse - Good transportation and their manure helps the environment. Car - Faster transportation but pollutes badly.
  6. Pwnedyo

    Need A New Game.

    Soldat is a good game, and check out "The Best Freeware Games Of All Time". I just started playing that yesterday. What's boring about it?
  7. Pwnedyo

    The 99 Familiar?

    I think it will be a black dragon.
  8. Pwnedyo

    Quest Points?

    I have done so many quests I have lost count.
  9. My favorite weapon is the bronze dagger.
  10. Pwnedyo


    I tried pizza one time and lets just say things didn't go too well...
  11. Pwnedyo

    Your Worst Questing Experience

    I was new to P2P, got poisoned, and lost all my items during a quest.
  12. Pwnedyo

    F2p Or P2p?

    I'm P2P at the moment.
  13. Pwnedyo

    Need Someone

    I'd help you out, but my lvls are too low.
  14. Pwnedyo

    Wilderness Or Bounty Hunter

    I like clan wars out of all of them to be honest.
  15. Pwnedyo

    75 Fming

    Congratulations on 75 firemaking.

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