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    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Vote Count: Click This: 3 (Emanick, Rene, Fencefry) Rush: 1 (Click This) With 8 people still trapped in this world, it takes 5 votes to reach a majority. Rene - He didn't leave me much. Sorry. If any bystanders are interested in taking Scary Food Item's place in this game, send me a PM.
  2. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Fencefry whipped out a pistol, twirled it around a few times for good effect, and shot Emanick. BAM! After Emanick had been kicked up several notches, there was very little left of him. Emanick, the Velociraptor, has been killed. Day 2 continues. If you've sent any actions to either of our late hosts for this day, please forward them on over to me.
  3. Cameron


    Your inbox is full. Let me take over your mafia game while you're gone. This is an order. =]
  4. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Whee! What a terrific blunder that was! Honestly.. I have no idea what I was thinking. Well, I do - I was thinking of my game with two "towns," because my message did indeed have no mention of reality versus non-reality. But to blurt it out like that? I'm a total dolt. I'm usually not this bad at mafia.. or this dumb in general. Actually, perhaps that's just wishful thinking. But don't judge me! Anyways.. good luck to the townies. I'm very interested to see how this turns out.. seeing as my win condition was very unique (and probably not something I could have pulled off) and I'm curious about all the other mechanics at work in this game. Have fun everybody! ^_^
  5. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    I agree. I agree completely. And I definitely don't know why mine didn't even mention this whole "returning to the town" thing. Although, on the other hand, we're not sure that "everyone got the same win condition." Of course everyone is going to claim that theirs is "I want to go home!" once one person says it. Really? Not even someone who directly says, "This logic doesn't make sense but I'm jumping on an easy bandwagon because I want to see someone die?" We should focus our energies on people who are voting without logic rather than people who, for some mechanical reason or another, don't have things explained to them in the exact same terms as someone else.
  6. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Well, of course. But all I can do to help progress the game in a positive way is to explain the misconception in my head. Not trying to pick on you or divert attention from myself or anything, but I was rereading some posts and this sort of interested me. "I really don't think there's a there's a third party, since the game is really small. I think that this player might be a third party character. Therefore, I'll vote for this player." That seems like a very low-percentage gambit. I'm sort of wondering if I'm missing something from your post, if you made some logical error, or if you're just jumping on a handy bandwagon.
  7. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Hmm. I'm not convinced that differing wording in the PMs implies different allegiance. I was hoping to tease out a mechanic... I hosted a game for the DMs in which people could move between two different "towns." That's what was on my mind. Anyway. My PM doesn't say anything about reality or imagination, although it does clearly spell out what side I'm on (and I can sit here and scream "TOWNIE!!" all day, but that won't accomplish anything. So I don't think I need to even bother.). If I was mafia or some other killer role, wouldn't it be obvious to me that my primary goal is to prevent everyone else from returning to reality - according to your posts, it seems like the role PM would state that pretty clearly, right? It doesn't say either way, but it does expressly state my side, which, as above, is the town. Don't know what else to tell you. I guess it's good that there's at least a lead.
  8. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    This is interesting.. can you tell us anything more about it (without going to an extent that would hurt us, of course..)?
  9. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Emanick - I'm glad you could confirm it, and I'm sorry you don't believe me, but I don't know what to tell you. It's not like I was given a whole explanation of how these costumes work.. all I know is that I have one somehow. Really, the only two logical ways the costume system could operate - which I delineated in my post - is that your costume IS your role, or that your costume is a temporary addition to your role. Basically, I'm not sure what's so suspicious about presenting the two possibilities that I can see from my point of view and leaning towards one - that costumes are not the end-all-be-all of your role - as more likely (simply because it produces a more interesting game, which Entrility promised us. =]). If this makes me mafia in your eyes.. what can I do? At least I've helped out the town by bringing this facet of the game into the air. Does anybody else want to chime in on the costumes? Also: I'm not sure if there's some funny reason that my vote wasn't counted, or if it was simply an accounting error... but I'll Unvote: Emanick just to make sure since it's not really necessary anymore.
  10. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Sorry for not having much time to post. To go back to Emanick's (I think?) idea of revealing any information we can that won't be harmful to the town.. From what I can tell from my role PM (which is, admittedly, fairly little) and from the game's theme.. I'm pretty sure that we will all be able to have two different identities - one from our role, and one from a costume we're wearing. My message sounds like it makes me a wonderfully generic and nondescript role, but that I have a costume which grants me a small ability.. and the message seems to imply that I can lose it. When that happens, I don't know if I'll lose that identity, if I'll get another one, or if losing your costume is just a fancy way of saying "you die." So. I'm sort of throwing myself out there for you. =] Maybe I'm totally wrong about my interpretation of the PM and this is just the role I'm stuck with. But.... If my hunch is right, and there are costumes floating around.... that's something we can discuss. A couple questions: First: can anyone confirm/deny that these exist as a separate part of the character role? If they do, does anybody have any hints as to how they're created/destroyed or whether they can transfer between players? So maybe this isn't the big insightful post you were hoping for.. because I honestly have no idea about this. But it's just a hunch to go off of.. rather than arguing about post counts.
  11. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Hi. Will you be providing vote counts?
  12. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Because if he's going to use strategies that aren't productive to the town, I have trouble believing he's pro-town. Faux-edit to Ellibereth's post: well of course. If this gets him talking.. I'd love to hear the merits of this vote-for-the-host strategy. =]
  13. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    In a game this small, would that be a viable strategy at all? Of course it's logical if you've got 25 players and 6 or 7 mafia members, but with ten players? I dunno. What I do know is that wasting time wondering about whether the moderator/s are in the game is not going to get us anywhere. Remember Ellibereth's (or Marionettewhatever his name is now) very mechanic-heavy game in which he was a player? Remember how virtually nobody actually played? Do we really believe that any host is going to try something like that again? I'd much rather see discussion about players that we know exist.. So I vote: Emanick. To the above posters: I just haven't really been online. Sorry. Although it's not as if many of the other posters have contributed greatly... "what if one moderator is a player and the other isn't????? what are the odds of this situation??"
  14. Cameron

    H'ween Mafia - Day 3

    Confirmed. =]
  15. Cameron

    Mafia Is Back - Full

    I would love to join. =] Thanks, Ent.
  16. Hello it's me Mr. Cameron, And I wanted to talk about who is the best retired administrator. So...What do you think about it?
  17. Cameron

    Return To Runescape!

    Welcome back. Have fun.
  18. I was really only shooting for one nerd to reply. I knew I could count on Lilshu.
  19. Cameron

    Pokeman Comic By Daniel

    daniel rip
  20. Cameron

    Launching A Political Party

    Make sure you don't mess up Sal's record of 100% of users not being assassinated (read: awesomeness. Best of luck.).
  21. Cameron

    Mods And Dms Read My Blog!>?

    Posting a lot of entries increases your chance of having people misclick and accidentally end up in yours. Just sayin'. Not that anybody I know does that.
  22. Cameron

    The Torment Of Saint Anthony

    I actually read about this this morning in a very reputable source.
  23. I would like to share with my delightful audience some posts that have sparked the higher-level-thinking areas of my brain! You are sure to wonder at the paradoxes, puzzles, and perpetual questions contained within! I hope you appreciate and marvel at them as much as I have! Why the hell should you have the begin? Biggest Mets Fan im wondering Foruming for $5000 dollars an hour renaissance was a boring time If you don't want them shown why do you even take them! Excellent posters, we salute you once again!
  24. Bastions of intelligent forum discussion: Article A Article B Article C Article D Excellent posters, we salute you!

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