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  1. The Generic Evil Villain tugged at his Generic Goatee, thinking. He could have sworn the Generic Adventurers of the past were a little tougher than the ones he'd been attracting recently. Tired of waiting for so long for somebody - anybody - to appear so he could give his Generic Speech Conceding Defeat, he scattered the puzzle pieces upon the ground before his door.
  2. Retrace your steps for some new information!
  3. Awww frick. I was not aware the newspaper had been discontinued. That's what you get for only coming back to make a puzzle. Try again.. my bad.
  4. Can you tell this is sort of a low-budget puzzlehunt? Hint: it's not a person.
  5. Make a Generic Post in here when you find your way in! Generic Friendly Competition to see who is the quickest is always fun, right?
  6. Greetings! My name is Cameron. I'm a Generic Evil Villain who has a Generic Secret Lair. However, I've carelessly left clues lying around that will help Generic Intrepid Heroes like yourself find puzzle pieces to solve the door code! Each Generic Clue will be a link to a puzzle image, which will give you letters for a Generic Puzzle Piece, while the text of the link will lead you to your next Generic Clue! Are you ready for your quest, Generic Adventurer? Very well -- get green with envy, then look down for your first Generic Clue.
  7. tl;dr Please fix whatever mistake there is in mafia that is not letting me vote. Thank you very much.
  8. If only everyone was like me the game would be moving along so much more quickly. PS: What happened to me last night?? Tell me or you're not a mod anymore.
  9. Cameron's last mafia game in the DM boards was and still is my all time favorite. -.- Personally, I don't really like the overtly complicated settups if they aren't balanced.... Post the settup? It wasn't that complex. There were a group of masons and a group of scum fighting for the souls of Salem (based off The Crucible by Arthur Miller) or something of the sort. Turns out Abigail was the real criminal, and she had one daykill and only received one automatic vote per day against her, cumulative, when lynched. The Mafia got eliminated on like Day 4-5, and us masons had such superb communication (with a little bit of help from Sryen's inventions :) ) that we were easily able to pin down Abigail with no casualties to ourselves. Almost the whole town got massacred but the masons all survived. :) Which was ridiculously lucky, considering should even one of the masons be killed it severely impacted the game. If a mason died for whatever reason, the town would be split into to seperate topics and you could only communicate with those in your topic. I actually just read through most of the game again. It was tons of fun. I can't believe that none of the masons died! That made the game so incredibly easy for the town. It really wasn't quite as complicated as it sounds - I explained it all pretty thoroughly through flavor text. It was fun.
  10. Hahahah I honestly didn't think anyone would go along with you when I gave you that role.. at best I thought you would kill one or two people just to stir up the slowly-dying game a little bit. Why did all you guys do exactly what the shapeshifter told you to? -.- But yeah.. great playing to everyone except me (I still don't think I could have possibly won. Seriously. Look at that role.). :)
  11. The passion, the infighting, the dilatory moderator, the romance - wait, there wasn't much of that - all came to an end with two words: "Vote: Morte." As Ellibereth and Rene pushed the ennoosed Morte off of the gallows' platform and watched him choke and quickly die, a sense of expectation hung in the air; expectation that this alternate reality would soon fizzle and that everyone could go back to their normal lives and continue their trick-or-treating. It turns out that these great expectations were too great. Oh, and they were totally wrong. I only included all this information as filler. I get paid by the word. That's why all my works are so unimaginably long. Where was I? Oh yeah. Great expectations. Morte - still wearing that god-awful firefighter's hat - had been hanged, yet nothing seemed to be changing. As the sun set, Rene and Ellibereth set about preparing for sleep with much unease. Suddenly, Ellibereth looked as if an epiphany had suddenly occurred to him; stretching his arms wide, he dug deep inside his soul and, after a few minutes of intense struggling, suddenly started emitting a soft glow; a glow that even rivaled the glow of Rene's luminous thunderbolts, contained in a small bag hanging from his shoulder. Ellibereth seemed so much more trustworthy. Apparently he had been saving this power for quite some time; reveling in his newfound exuded integrity, he joyously shouted, "Yussss! I get two votes tomorrow! Awesome!" Rene gulped. Ellibereth fell asleep with a smile on his face. Rene neither smiled nor slept. As the demon sun rose, announced by whatever demon roosters were present in this strange world, the two survivors met each other at the ballot box. They were used to this by now; "parchment" and "ink" (in other words, the skin and blood of their dead companions) were set out for them, as if by some mysterious force. As always, the number of each material was exactly right. Ellibereth grabbed his "paper" and "pen" and, with a devilish grin, quickly scribbled something down and placed his ballot in the box. Rene proceeded more slowly. Running his hand over the makeshift table of dark, knotted wood, he recalled the recent events that had brought him to this place. He was just an average nerd (in other words, a classics major). All he had wanted was to dress up as Zeus for Halloween. He never wanted to get involved in this alternate reality that somehow allowed him to take on the powers of the arbiter of the gods. Rene sighed. He picked up his ballot and, dipping his quill into the ink well, wrote the name "Ellibereth" in nearly-calligraphic script. He hesitated. Ellibereth happily hopped around, urging him, "Get to it, you dirty Peloponnesian!" with a wide smile on his face. Rene took a deep breath, folded his ballot, and placed it in the slot on the lid of the box. Ellibereth - his features becoming less and less human and more and more demonic with every minute - screeched, "Yes! Let's count them now!" Together they pried the lid off the ballot box. Together they dumped the votes onto the barren table. Together they realized - with somewhat varying reactions - that there were three votes to count: one for Ellibereth and two for Rene. After a moment of silence, Ellibereth yelled, "Yup! Looks like a majority! Let's go!" Rene followed the bouncing Ellibereth up the stairs of the gallows in deep quiet. He sighed, stepped forward, and allowed the now hideously-deformed monster that was once the trusted Ellibereth to fasten the rope around his neck. With a spine-tingling cackle, the demon asked Rene, "So, are you proud of your dear Greeks now? They invented democracy, you know!" As Rene responded in a way truly befitting the king of the gods - condescending silence - Ellibereth let out a shriek and pushed with all his might. Up until that point, Rene had planned to take his inevitable death nobly, with little struggle. However, as he hung from the rope, struggling for oxygen, he was suddenly filled with rage. Reaching for his sack of lightning, he grasped several bolts and hurled them behind him, little knowing that the spectre Ellibereth had already vanished. Mighty Zeus - defender of the innocent, bastion of all good in the world - was alone, hanging by a rope. He died quite painlessly, as Ellibereth, by now far off in the distance exulted in the world he had created - a world of disease, desolation, and destruction. The victorious warrior, his mission accomplished, reveled in the total elimination of hope that he had brought about. The reality shifters - Sryen and Ellibereth - win. Great game, everybody! Thanks to all our players, as well as Entrility and Dwarrior, who came up with this whole incredible setup - take a look:
  12. Morte did a twirl - sorry, a spin.. my bad... - and placed a firefighter's hat on his head. Reaching deep into his pocket, he pulled out a gigantic hose. Yelling, "Did anybody say FIRE??" he sprayed down the whole area with great force. Ellibereth was sprayed and knocked over, but not killed. Fencefry, a pirate, has been killed. Rush, Pikachu, has been killed. Sryen, a Reality Shifter, has been killed. The people decided to see what votes they could recover from the wet mess of a ballot box that remained... And found that in all the increased activity and recent action, their recent arbitrary time limit was ridiculous. Not seeing a need to make good on their promise to end the day sooner, the remaining people decided to see what they could do about the situation.. With three people here, it takes two votes to reach a majority.
  13. Vote Count: Rene: 2 (Ellibereth, Rush) Ellibereth: 1 (Rene) Rush: 1 (Sryen) With six players here, it takes four votes to reach a conclusion.
  14. Vote Count: Ellibereth: 1 (Rene) Rene: 1 (Ellibereth) With six players here, it takes four votes to reach a conclusion. The people are getting restless and have decided to impose a completely arbitrary 5 day time limit on this discussion. If no decision has been reached in the next 120 hours, the day will end and the person with the highest amount of votes will be lynched. If there's a tie, all tied players will be killed.
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