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  1. matlew5

    Ancient Legion 90+

    A L is beast join now for cookies!
  2. matlew5

    I Need A Clan Name

    here are some things about this clan i am making 70+ or 80+str mage or range hybrid clan that is really it please help with a name
  3. matlew5

    Looking For Clan

    how about ancient legion? ancient legion is a fun and friendly community with very active members and nice people. clan forums are here:http://z9.invisionfree.com/Ancient_Legion/index.php the recruitment topic is here:http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=211323
  4. matlew5

    Where Should I Train

    i need to get my melee skills up but i dont know where to train them ... someone help please? my hi scores http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscorepersonal.ws
  5. matlew5

    Shadow Legion 90+ F2p Cmb

    good luck recruiting shadow legion
  6. matlew5

    Ancient Legion 90+

    ancient legion is ftw i joined months ago and i swear you cant get a better clan join now and meet new people and have loadsa fun :wub:
  7. matlew5

    Buyin Antifire Pots

    i need anti fire pots!
  8. matlew5

    Plz Help Me With This.

    ok maybe its not the right guild or the necklace is enchanted.... btw the legends guild is near ardy...
  9. matlew5

    99 Str Party [27/12/08]

    i shuld be there but dont be dissapointed if im not there >.<
  10. matlew5

    Curse Of Zamorak

    RS Name:matlew5 Combat Level:91 (on members due to summ) Choice of Army:Zaros i guess...lol guthix ftw! Are you a noob?: yeah! noobs ftw P.S. Cheese FTW!!!!! go cheese ^_^ :D :)
  11. matlew5

    How To Get

    cool thanks
  12. matlew5

    How To Get

    ok thanks for replyin real quick bow i would like to know what armour i should use and stuff ^_^
  13. matlew5

    How To Get

    rofl been wanting this for a while so i tihnk its time to get out of th way ^_^ need help ploX?
  14. matlew5

    What Levels And Equipment For Gwd?

    im not sure probably maybe bandos or saradomin or maybe just killing the stufff arouind it
  15. matlew5

    What Levels And Equipment For Gwd?

    i also meant stats as well... and where gwd=god wars dungeon.

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