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  1. Ohai. Just thought I'd stop in again and say hi to my old friend. How are things? ^-^
  2. Hey...uh...I guess you have been wondering where I have been..But actually I bet you forgot about me. : Just wanted to stop in and say hi. *hi* And tell you that I quit runescape quite a while back ago...o and Im still better than you at runescape...even if its in my mind :( I might step in these forums everyone once and a while. But until then.. Cya, Alex :o
  3. Alexger

    Things You Do When Your Sad?

    I go up to my room on my computer. Go play some ps3. Talk to friends. Rest. Watch Tv. Listen to music, and just think I guess.
  4. Alexger

    Hey Guys

    Well...Im not really "back" Im just checking in. I'll probably come by and say hi to everyone once and a while.
  5. Alexger

    Hey Guys

    So....I have been gone for a long time, I quit runescape..and I just wanted to see have everything was going on here :( ...anyone remember me?
  6. Alexger

    Music Videos With Good Art

    Coldplay is a beast band
  7. Alexger

    What If...

    K thanks guys
  8. Alexger

    Making 2 Mil Fast!

    Buying water vials in Aroudgne, then sell in G E is a pretty fast way, boring, but fast.
  9. Alexger

    What If...

    What if A president wins the election, but he dies before he gets inaugurated? Does the vice president become president in a couple months after the election? I tried to google this question, didn't really get what I was looking for.
  10. Alexger

    Operation Santafish - Invasion Time!

    Hmmm... I sorta knew it would fail. Good thing I didn't come!
  11. Alexger

    Hallowe'en Event And Quest

    WOO looks like fun, I'll be sure to do it after school
  12. Alexger

    Pvp Help.

    Equip: Full rune/addy Weapon: Rune Scimy/Rune 2Hand Food: Anything that heals good. Place:lumby/wild/varrok/edgville/
  13. Alexger


    I dont have veracs Is torags armor ok with a d scimy? Or a ddp? Or should I just mage or range them? I only have 51 range and 60 mage with not a lot of money to buy runes =/
  14. Alexger

    What Should I Alch?

    Sure it does! If you make the nats yourself and get all the supplies it can add up
  15. Alexger


    Do some quests, like natt said, Gertrude's Cat Is a must! I would suggest doing that and then work on some skills like thieving, construction, herblore, agility, summoning, all those skills that free-2-players never get a shot at. Some good ways to make money are: Go to East Ardougne (search it on the map) go to the general store near the middle of the town, buy vials of water and go to the bank and store them, do the process over and over again. I suggest you do this until you get about 1000+ Vials. Then, head to the Grand Exchange, and sell all of them for lowest price. They might not sell immediately but they will eventually. You will make money because Vials Of Water at the general store at East Ardougne are 10gp, and they sell in the GE for at least 90gp; and as you can see that's a 90% profit!

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