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  1. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    Not many people respect an E-thug's opinion so I'd suggest to take your trolling elsewere. Keep talking Eclipse and FT. =P. Rip LH, a clan who died because of it's poor leadership. You cant flame people and not expect them to repsond. Thats like hitting someone in the face and not expecting to get hit back. Dont dish out what you cant take. Pretty much every clan on Sals have posted a negative opinion about LH. I personaly never had anything wrong with you guys until you started flaming Eclipse. Have fun in Triforce. You act as though your opinion and Elipse's opinions matter. LH don't care if you haven't noticed. You've just got your old flaming buddy back by the way. Jagger+Me were the ultimate combination. Edited: Can't wait for Eclipse's closing topic. It will be fun. Lol you know you just gave yourself away looks like we got another banned member getting past the ban hammer again. Good luck staying hidden for long. btw apprently you guys do care other wise you'd stop replying to our post Edited: Good luck finding it. only one your ever gonna see is the one from around july.
  2. Jimmy_EO

    Who's Triforce?

    5o 6 EX LH (LH closed incase you didn't get the memo) and 14-15 Tri...Pay attention much? Eh you'll get used to it people didn't stop saying "Gf 3V" to us for a while.
  3. Jimmy_EO

    Triforce -vs- Seduction

    Grats. Keep up the good work and stay pvp active =p
  4. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    Well that clan you claim that will die next has been open for a total of almost 2 years. 2 Years > 2 Months Broski. They have accomplished more than your clan ever did and have a much better community. Good luck in Tri. Hopefully we can run into each other. Erm.. What does Eclipse have to do with my leading experiences? Obviously any idiot can keep a clan running for 2 years, it's just a matter of being patient, which unfortunately, I am not. You have yet to reply to Jimmy's post and my post on page 3-4. Try responding to them and see the difference between why our clan has lived for over 2 years and why your clan has died. Its okay Kg people won't admit they lost and when they are told facts that just simply igonre it and try to keep the agrument going by just skiping the post.
  5. Jimmy_EO

    Your Sals List!

    LOL 1. Exo 2. Gladz 3. FT 4. SA 5. MOD 6. Triforce? 7. Hades 8. 3x 9. Eclipse 1000. Last Hope Prove me wrong? Pkri's: 1.Exo 2.FT 3.MoD 4.SA 5.UBH 6.Hades 7.3x 8.Eclipse
  6. Jimmy_EO

    Wof Vs Kts -- Epic Draw

    Lmao @ Kts TS at the end of the war XD Great job Wof/KTS.
  7. Jimmy_EO

    Your Sals List!

    Match opts: Pvp/Cwa 1.Exo - lv's you will pull put you here. 2.FT - Lv's and Experience. 3.Eclipse - Experiences 4.GK - Lv's 5.3x - experience 6.MoD 7.SA 8.Hades
  8. Jimmy_EO

    Who's Triforce?

    Sorry about the confusion when ED ran into you guy. Great job Tri good to see you actually pvping not that bad a pull either would of liked to have ran you guys before you ran into WG
  9. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    Hi. Were closing? We still pull almost 20 to ever war and we have a smaller ml then every clan we fight? We win 95% of our wars cause of our waring skills? We have one of the most loyal group of core members? Yeah were gonna close alright. Close this leaving streak and get back to a 50+ ml and come back stronger then ever. We never have been out if you look at us its obvious even with a 31 ppl ML we pull constantly daily don't judge us before you know us.
  10. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    He was but hes on Justin r2 or w/e Not anymore. Just recieved the banhammer. Good luck in Tri ex LH members. Yay for mods? lol glad to hear it he was a idiot (would say something worse but don't want a ban hammer myself)
  11. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    He was but hes on Justin r2 or w/e
  12. Jimmy_EO

    The End

    Gip's. It looks like someone's a bit mad over the recent loss they had from LH. Flaming a clans leaving topic is just pathetic even for e-thug standards. First off: R.I.P LH sad to see you guys go I would of liked to have settled our beef with one last war Secondly Gips. Before you put your stupidity into LH they were a good clan that kept things clean then you came through it and they slowly but surly turned into a flaming clan that quiet frankly looked more like a VR uprising. If you had more opts I could of see you crashing wars left and right just cause you didn't like them. R.I.P Lh good luck in Tri. To tri I sugest watching gips and don't let him do to Tri what he did to LH.
  13. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Genesis Knights

    http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=264224 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=262574 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=260559 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=259755 <-- E vs. GK PVP http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=256740 http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=249978 lol ilu Crhis. Great job guys was still at baseball pratice =s hope we can keep this up.
  14. Join if you want to be apart of a great community and strong waring clan
  15. Jimmy_EO

    Last Hope Versus Mori

    Nice win.
  16. Jimmy_EO

    The Sabre Clan Vs Eternal Soul Keepers

    Nice win always good to see lynx waring again good job sabres
  17. Jimmy_EO

    Hades Vs Triforce

    Nice win being out lv'd Hades.
  18. Jimmy_EO

    The Sabre Clan Vs The Divine Legion

    Grats good to see lynx waring again =p Good job TS better luck next time DL.
  19. Jimmy_EO

    Rsc Raw Rank #24 Tfc Vs. Eclipse

    Abdool this is actually the first time I've lost a war I've lead. Yeah our pull sucked would of been a much different war if the options were closer.
  20. Jimmy_EO

    Rsc Raw Rank #24 Tfc Vs. Eclipse

    Our pull lacked. half the yeses didn't show up. Never expected you to pull that many so was surprising. you earned the win good job.
  21. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse V Existence Remains

    Yeah idk how we pulled 22 to this war yet on 19 to a full out of that importantce. Eh oh well wasn't expecting to win the war for raw but if they wanted our rank we might as well have gone down fighting.
  22. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse V Existence Remains

    We had 3 total dc's as well not much either clan can do about that. I never count k0's as being 1 man less down though since thats something that you can actually work on a dc is something you can't control.
  23. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse V Existence Remains

    >.> Ryan, Idel I typo'd and did that in a hurry lmfao

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