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  1. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse V Existence Remains

    Well since some people don't know what specs are (lol idk how) What a mace spec is is simply the spec of a anhicent mace from the quest Another slice of ham. you spec anything with it and what ever you hit gets added to your prayer. Its like using the alter near edgvill but you can hit up to 32 with the mace.
  2. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse V Existence Remains

    I could go on for a good hour about how the whole thing at the begging with them trying to make us lose our make specs and all was pretty sad. But I'll try to keep this short and simple and forget about all that. Great job guys saw some very epic tanking from a few of us. I started out the war sniping and was piled at the 17 v 18 mark. I tanked till they were down to 14 then they piled Kyak which was their biggest mistake. She tanked for nearly 6 kills lol (Great job =p) Was a fun war over all had a bit of flaming from both sides but when a war starts out that way guess it can't be helped. We let them attack even though rules never said north attacks to avoid any more flaming then what was already going on. Hopefully next time we war we can have a good clean fight where neither clan flames the other =) (Gg KG btw)
  3. Jimmy_EO

    3xtermination Vs. Eclipse

    Don't worry guys it cause I wasn't there to keep us alert =p Good job 3x idk how 3 of our members got k0'd in a 12 v 12 (never happened at war I've been a part of with lower then 30 ppl) And I can almost assure you it won't happen again. btw not a knock on the 3 that got k0'd But seriously learn to speed eat.. And Ron disconnect your phone next time.
  4. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    No offense to Vinnie cause he was a great leader. But the last month or so he didn't do jack. He wasn't even able to make 1/5 of our wars and he was hardly here. And Chris then thats your fault you explaine it to alb and try to get him unbaned but as of now our decision stands since his ip did not change.
  5. Jimmy_EO

    What Clan Would You Rather Join?

    Eclipse. Hades or GK
  6. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    Oh wow..you found out that I guessed Adams password. Good job...half the Council and Vus have known for awhile now. Took ya'll long enough. Besides..I have more passwords then just that. Good luck keeping your wars secret from me. You must of been good at changing the ip's back then cause sadly only his ip matched up. Nice try though.
  7. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    Chris like I said you don't know it all we don't post all our wars only ones that are normally to be posted on Sals/RSC. there was a war vs tri in there. A lot more wars then that but they were all fun/pratice so we didn't post them on our boards. One pvp mini in two weeks? lol? You're blind we have posted more then that even tbh. Tell who ever is leaking you info to do a better job and at least say that the war vs TFC is for our raw rank I mean hell they can't be that good a leak if they don't even know that. And to the person leaking what little inacturate info you have. Hi. I'm looking for you now. Edit: lol already found the leaker. Thanks for getting your friend in a heap load of trouble just cause you like grudge matches Chris.
  8. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    Chris. Eclipse vs Tri firday night. (fun pratice war) Eclipse vs 3x Saturday. Eclipse joint pk with DoV Sunday and later teamed with with TK for a little pkri. And like I said not even even counting weekdays. Last time I'm reply to one of your pitty war post. Bye.
  9. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    Well you know were were approached to fight by a cwa team... We pvp a lot more than you think, sir. I know exactly how much you Pvp...don't act like I don't have multiple people in your clan who wouldn't think about leaking me info... lol? at least 3 pvp events last week and I'm not even counting what went on durring the weekdays. Just leave us alone and find a new clan to do this too used to be funny but now its just getting retarted.
  10. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs. Tko Blitz

    Great job guys. Was fun our binds lacked there in the midle they sniped hard. They anti sniped pretty good too about the 8v8 mark I was the only one with enough food left to go snipe so I did. 3 kills no death. Good figh TKO look forawrd to more.
  11. Jimmy_EO

    Ft Vs Eclipse

    You were epic fail for letting us kill you really lol
  12. So basically only if u survive u count the fights... how would u lose then? If I didn't lead it call piles lead fall ins how was I the one leading it?
  13. Who what when where? join to find out.
  14. I didn't lead it. and I was piled 3rd so wasn't even there for more then 75% of the war.
  15. Wait I was the one leading this war >.<
  16. good job FT having a sleeping disorder would be a good thing it seems.
  17. Was +2/-2 not exactly matched we started out down 2. (3 if you count the k0 because of the massive lag spike when they charged)
  18. Jimmy_EO

    Cwa-new Pvp

    I think that it would be a nice idea. I hate having to find a pvp world I mean look. we just wared w109. Lagged to hell and had a crap war. I would prefer pvp. But that'd be a good backup if all good worlds are already in use.
  19. That world was terrible we should have gone cwa since all the good worlds were full. Next time I'll remember that. Was decent I laged out once white screened 4 times got piled and didn't do a great job I mini dc'd 3 times durring my tanking but managed to eat all my food by the time I died. Good fight 3X next time we won't war on that world. being down by 3 at the start really hurt us 2 would of been hard enough to come back to but oh well.
  20. Jimmy_EO

    Eclipse Vs 3xtermination Matched Opts

    Tonight? Or tomorrow? lol I'll try to get something set up between us soon. Just be on the look out for the IRC pm =p Which means he'll wait until he has enough members online that he'll be able to outnumber you. I look forward to watching a PkRi between you two. Need to stop with all this childish mini warring. who said pkri? I ment matched opts
  21. Great waring clan. Knows what they're doing. Help build back up our numbers and just see how far we can really go.

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