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  1. Bloodmaste45

    Friend And Skillz

    Hey guys, i got a question. my buddy and i are looking for a skill to get rly high in, which should we do? answer in the poll or post. Keep in mind the poll is for non member accounts
  2. Bloodmaste45

    Avatar Request

    Hi im looking for an Avatar. Im looking for a darkish sig like black and dark red, and the text to be Bloodmaste45 and there to be flames. Thank you. Bloodmaste45 P.S can i also maybe get a sig, with this font http://www.dafont.com/ruritania.font
  3. Bloodmaste45

    Brand Spankin New Woodcutting Business

    Ok both of you add me to friends and ill get back to you when u message me
  4. Bloodmaste45

    Sell Torag Legs!

    Hey im selling Torag's legs for Market price. It is a barrows armor Thanks Sold the item CLOSE Please do not double post.
  5. Bloodmaste45

    Sell Zamorak Robe Top

    Look below. That is the top. Thanks!!!! Zamorak Robe Top Type of Item: Armor Members-Only?: Yes Shop Selling Price: Unknown Street Price: 300k Low Alchemy Yield: Unknown High Alchemy Yield:Unknown Item-Specific Info: None Equipment Stats or Effects: +4 Magic Attack Bonus. +4 Magic Defense Bonus. +4 Prayer Bonus. Where to Obtain: Possible reward from level 1 Treasure Trails. Sorry, it has been sold. PLEASE CLOSE TOPIC
  6. This is a new woodcutting business. If you want to join, fill out the application : RS Name: Woodcutting LVL: Hours a day you play: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Order Form Type of Log: Number: RS Name: Thanks P.S my runescape name is Bloodmaste45
  7. Bloodmaste45

    Wilderness Riot...

    The Wilderness riot is a time on december i think tenth? that the wilderness was deleted. I have seen riots about it on youtube. I will start one on that date. Thanks ~ BlOoDmAsTe45
  8. Bloodmaste45

    I Cut Yews For Yew

    Hi I'll cut yews for you. My price is market price or higher. My info is : USERNAME: Bloodmaste45 MEMBER : Yes World: 22 # of Yews : Requested Thanks ~ BlOoDmAsTe45
  9. Bloodmaste45

    Want To Join A Clan!

    Well well, sounds great!!! i think i will join. I will be in the clan chat today kk? coolio ty
  10. Yea my most expensive item is my whip. I gotta love the party hats though dude. They are awesome!!!
  11. Bloodmaste45

    Um.. Hi Im New

    Yea dude I read some of that poison flower's posts. He is a wackjob! Sorry if im not supposed to say that : }
  12. Bloodmaste45

    Um.. Hi Im New

  13. Bloodmaste45

    What Do You Think?

    Yea but gets a little repetative. Thank you!!!
  14. Bloodmaste45

    What Do You Think?

    Tell me what you think.
  15. Bloodmaste45

    Um.. Hi Im New

    I think so.... ?? lol

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