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    I\'m one of those morons who thinks hes the overlord of awesome because hes from Canada.

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  1. KanadianBomb


    Jack, I never said Stalin represents communism, I said that he represents how you can corrupt communism. I love the idea of communism, but I know it just cant work. A lot of people dont wanna be equal, they wanna be on the top. Communism would be dandy if we could make it work, but we cant.
  2. KanadianBomb

    A Bad Influence For Kids?

    A teen girl who gets a successful pop record out before she hits eighteen, becoming a cultural icon and idol of tween girls. Sounds familiar? A certain someone began a story just like that in 1999. Take a look at that certain someone today.
  3. KanadianBomb


    Communism, sadly, failed. No one likes to be at the bottom, but many like to be on top. Josef Stalin is a good example of man corruption in communism. He followed a philosophy of men being equal, yet he did anything he could to be viewed as a god by his people. Capitalism isnt pretty. But it works better than communism. With capitalism, your opportunities are endless. Its sad that we have to see people at the bottom in capitalism, but everyone is able to make it to the top if they want to.
  4. KanadianBomb

    Cows Giving Off Methane?

    Fact: PETA is a synonym for bullsh**.
  5. KanadianBomb


    itt: What do you think of Reagan?
  6. what do you guys think?
  7. KanadianBomb

    Have You Ever Been Threatened?

  8. KanadianBomb

    Things You Regret Doing On Sals

    Smooth move, smooth move. We hope to see you on your third account.
  9. KanadianBomb

    Which Song/video? Or Suggestion?

    I smell insecurity.
  10. KanadianBomb

    How Cool Is The Person Above You?

  11. KanadianBomb

    Mlk Jr.

    People criticize Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife. If your wife was Hilary, how the Hell could you not cheat on her?
  12. KanadianBomb

    The Death Sentance...

    I was once a supporter of it. No longer am I. I learned that it doesnt save money, which made me lean away from it. Then I realized something: it doesnt deter crimes. The only logical reason to keep the death penalty is to prevent crime... its not working. If youre gonna kill someone, you dont think of the consequences. You just do it. The death penalty is unneccessary.
  13. KanadianBomb

    The War In Iraq

    The good: -Saddam is gone -Democracy The bad: -People dying -The middle east hates us more -Trillions of dollars wasted The middle east is not ours to mess with... we need to leave it alone, we cant fix it.
  14. KanadianBomb


    Suicide is stupid, but whats worse is purposely failing at suicide to get attention. If youre that desperate, kill yourself already.

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