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  1. Audialize

    Just Wondering

    Nice. Good luck with that. What are you cutting?
  2. Audialize

    Just Wondering

    Ok, thanks I'm not a member at the moment, I used to be though, and planning to become one again. Thanks again for quick replies.
  3. Audialize

    Just Wondering

    Well, I thought I would log onto runescape for the first time in ages and I find that EVERYTHING has changed. Merchanting or PKing is no longer a main money making source. Meh I'll just get to the point, I know this sounds really nooby and gay and all, but what I really made this thread for was to ask how everybody makes quick money nowadays. I just want a breif answer. Woodcutting, mining etc. Thanks Please don't flame and if this is against any of the rules in any way, mods, just do you you need to do. -Alex

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