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  1. If any of you want to come to my Max Cape party check out the thread I just posted in RuneScape Events for the time

    1. Chaoss


      What time? I can't see it

    2. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      October 10th - 4PM EST

  2. After a lot of 99's later and working towards something I thought I'd never achieve, It's finally time for me to Max! Date: World: 71 Location: We'll be meeting first at the center of Draynor Market where I'll use an XP lamp to max and quickly grab the farming cape before we head over to Varrock. Once we're at Varrock all that's left is to find Max and claim that Max Cape. I hope to see you all there! ^_^ If anything happens to come up I'll change the date in this post.
  3. Managed to cap twice in the same week for the first time ever since the latest update reset all caps. :D Both for week 181

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