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  1. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    OOC: My bad about my absence...omg that is a lot of stuff happening. IC: Covinshin summoned up his full power and jumped into the air to about 100 meters over the city. "Now for some action. Dragon twister." Covinshin started coming down spinning free fall like but then his wings caught caught on a sudden draft of wind causing him to go off course by far. He came down ontop a small mart streets away from the action destroying the market. "Crap." Covinshin got up and ran as fast as he could back to the action. OOC: This is all i can write while i am reading all of you guy's post.
  2. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    ok accepted if.....your power needs a bit more limiting. It cant work were there is a thick metal floor and also if they are a certain distance. As for making things happen, can you limit them to they start to happen right but sometimes lose control like ex.. ...............he sommons up a huge pillar of earth and swung it at his oppenet when, all of a sudden it shatters into small peices. "Crap, i need moire practice." Like that. if ya can do that then that be cool. OOC: Nice! IC: "Just taking a look at the lovely sky thats all. And as for your last clip thing, you're bluffing. If you had more then you would use them but i bet you only have one clip eh?" Covinshin jumped down to the front of the diner. "If i hae to go full power then i will. So please don't do anything dumb."
  3. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    IC: Covinshin scanned over the room and the damage. What the hell. Covinshin turned on his heel and left out the front entrance and took the alley way . When no one was watching he summoned his dragon strengh and jumped to the top of the diner. From their he looked over the top to see someone pacing. Hmm. Lets take a look. Dragon eyes. Everything got clear and everyones movements seemed to slow slightly. An outline of a man became visible against the dark backround. "Hey you. Who are you and what are you doing!" covinshin yelled drawing his 2 hand again for the second time in one night. "Answer me or i will be forced to take action!"
  4. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    OOC: ok this is going to be a long post due to the fact that i can only get on during the morning lol. PLus it seems as if i've been left out of the fun. IC: Covinshin swung his 2 handed blade into a ready position and realeased some electrical shock witch illuminated the alley way. The attacker was dressed in all black and brandished a dagger in each hand. "Im going to guess, zach, that you are the traitor. How nice. I've never liked you you know." covinshin said dropping the tip of the blade into the ground creating a small crater. "I will use my scimitar on this one." Covinshin drew his blade and swung with a hell of a underswing. CLash The blades met with sparks. Covinshin continued his attack and eventually found the guys pattern. Covinshin swung hard trapping the guy's two daggers. Covinshin jumped back dropping his scimitar and grabbed his 2 hand and swung it out of the ground and brought it straight down onto the man cleaving him in two. "Still not as great as me." Covinshin picked up his blades and sheathed/hooked them back into place. Covnshin ran from the scene down to a gas staion that was right across the street from a fast food restraunt. Almost coincidently, there was a flury of activity and windows broke as the sound of gunfire sounded. It was followed by a man walking briskly out of the door and into the darkness. Inside the building he could see a man duck behind a counter. The man look like.... That better not be Mathew. Covinshin went into the gas staion and bought an energy drink with alot of trouble. The guy was hesitant to sell to a guy wearing dark robes and carrying three blades. But soon enough covinshin was back out and crossing the street drinking a monster. He walked into the restraunt to see the work done. Wow this is harsh lol. OOC: Ok i can only post in the mornings so my bad about being soo absent.
  5. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    Ok you are accepted if......your water manipulation has to have some sort of down fall. Mines is that when my character is too weak, he can't transform. Mathews is that the less wind in the area, the less powerfull it is(it only makes sense right?). So umm, how about saying that if a person realizes that your doing it, if they have enough power to, they can break free. That means you can still use ordinary people but only one at a time plz. OOC: Lol you ran from the building i was at. IC: Covinshin saw a figure jump out the building and started running. That could be the worker or the trap setter. I must find out. "HEy wait!" covinshin hollered and started running. The man did not stop. Just then a figure jumped otu of nowhere with a small knife and covinshin dodged sideways falling into a building. "What the! Who are you?" covinshin said unstraping his 2 handed blade. OOC: I left a bit of wiggle room in case no one wants to be the attacker. But if they do, that'd be awesome. lol
  6. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    OOC: WOw very nice. Lets see how you do when we interact. IC: Covinshin flew to the drop off point and waited. A car pulled up and a man jumped out wearing a black suit. THe man walked over and handed over a suit case containing 1 million dollars. "Here is the rest. Where is it?" the man asked. "Right here. Take it." Covinshin handed over the small pouch containing the object. "My job is done here. Call me when ever." Covinshin flew home taking a small little detour just for precaution. When he reached his home he heard a little ring coming from his comunicator. HE had left it at home just in case it started ringing, like now. "Helo." Covinshin answered ppicking it up and putting it to his ear. "Are you tired?" a deep voice asked. "No, not at all. Why?" covinshin asked. "WEll, one of our agents is in trouble. HE has just killed his target but i fear that it was a trap." it replied. "So. He is skilled im sure, for you only hire the best." "HE is but, the one who set the trap is one of our own." "What! How and who?" "We are unsure who but we no where. It is a skyscraper located in west city." "Entrance point?" "The roof" he said. "You no i have trouble with the air currents. Oh well. Ill get on it asap." Covinshin went to turn off the comunicator when it spoke again. "I left you your new wepeon on your desk. IT will take the place of your 2 handed wepeon. IT runs a lightining current and is lighter than usual. But still as strong. Good Luck." and it cut off. Covinshin went over and picked up the huge blade off of the table and strapped it on his back and left. A few minutes later he arrived at the skyscraper where a felow worker was inside handling his business. Time to start.
  7. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    ok accepted. WE can start with us two but we need more people. OOC: YOur charachter owns his own home/apartment and has a small comunicator for obvious reasons. IC: Covinshin runs through the forest with great agility dodging arrows coming from different directions. HE has just stolen a diamond treasured by one of the greatest nobles alive. HE looks down at the diamond witch was being gently cradled in his hand making sure it had not fallen. HE dived here and there jumping between trees and bushes trying to get away from his persuers. WHen the arrows seemed to be coming from behind, one wizzed from directley in front. How in the world. he pocketed the diamond in a small carrying pouch and tucked it away in his jacket. drawing his scimitar, he summoned an small electrical current and slasshed at the bush with brute force. Crack The sound of a bow being snapped echoed through the trees. A man garbed in soft green armour fell from behind a bush, drew a small hunting knife and charged. Covinshin swung his blade in an arch and came down with it slashing straight through the mans head. One down, alot more to go. Covinshin contnued running untill he came to a small clearing. Finally i can get away. Covinshin jumped into the sky and yelled, Dragon Wings! A pair of huge wings sprouted from his back and carried him high into the sky out of range of the archers. HE swerved and flew untill it got dark enough for him to fly unnoticed back to the drop point.
  8. aler1367

    The Great War!

    ok people i need more rp'ers. Summarry: Covinshin has taken out a small city and tried to take a out a target but failed due to an strong warrior that was not taken into calculations. Main power is elementalism. Read previouse text to find out all about the skills.
  9. aler1367

    Dark Assasins(renewed)

    A war was started between good and evil.A small group of warriors trained to thier very limits and found extraordinary powers. They used thier powers for evil and took over half of the world. THen one day they vanished stopping thier reign of terror. But two years ago they showed up and are now trying to continue thier plan in taking over the world. But in thier wake, they ventured into a realm of power that was not meant to be tampered with. In doing so, they unleashed power. Several young kids all around the world got powers and the warriors were craving to control them. Since that time, 15 years have passed and the world has been thrown into chaos. Please fill out the from as follows: Name: Age: Power(fire, lightning, earth, water, wind): Side(evil or good): Clothing(hat/hair, top, bottom, coat if any, boots, glove: Wepeonry(archery, magic, melee): Secret power(not too crazy plz): History: Here is mines: Name: Covinshin Age: 22 Power: lightning Side: Evil Clothing: black shirt, black baggy pants, black cloak, black gauntlets, black plated boots. some peices of steel armour colored black here and there. Wepeon: Longsword, a scimitar bathed in lightning that has an ever lasting strike. Secret Power: Dragon eye(the ability to track heat signatures and slow things down. Also allow the user to transform into a half human, half dragon(all power)) History: AS a kid his parents were killed and he was enlisted in the army. He grew up learning the art killing and he is personally the killer of many important people. Despises guns but his ancestry of being half demon helps. HE has long black hair and is considered lazy. But when ever he is involded in anything, it cant be good. He is the best of the best when it comes to killing.
  10. aler1367

    99 Cook

    wow that was a good guid except if you want to be more proficient and have some money to waste then i would get a chef hat and apron and gauntlets. Then instead of using trout and salmon and tuna, i would use from 60-70 i would use lobsters but use the range at the lumbridge castle that way you harly burn a thing. After 70 comes, then switch to swordfish. Do that untill about lvl 94-99. And there you go. That is all you got to do. Only do this if money is not a problem. If money is a problem, then i suggest sticking with the cheaper option above. It is a good way also.
  11. aler1367

    The Runescape War Rpg

    OOC:Can i start posting yet?? If so, then here is my first post. IC: Covinshin respawns in lumbridge. "Not again. i got killed by a prison gaurd again." Covinshin ran back around the castle to the fence were he had died at and picked up all of his arour and robes that he had dropped. He equiped the robes and stuff and walked back down the path he had come. He abrubtly stopped. There was a lone goblin, a small green monster that usually travles in packs and is also a member of the orc family, standing in the middle of the path brandishing a wicked looking blade. "Ahh. You der. You no move till i say and i say hand o'er your stuff." he said waving his stubby sword around. "How about not. I think i should kill you you know what i mean? Of course you don't, you are too stupid to even grasp what i am saying." after covinshin stopped talking, a group of goblins jumped out of the bushes and surrounded him. "Ah, so you brought your cousins. How nice." Covinshin dropped on all fours and kicked thier feet out from under them. Then he picked his blade and staff back up and swung it knocking out the goblins and then stabbed them all in the chest ending thier lives. "I am a beast!" Covinshin all of a sudden felt a wave of air and then noticed that his lvl went up to 5. OOC: If you did not want me to post yet, then ok, just disregard what ever i wrote.
  12. aler1367

    How Can People.....

    Ok so you know those people who like to call others geeks and noobs but yet they are doing the same exact thing you are doing. How do they get off not being a noob?
  13. aler1367

    The Runescape War Rpg

    Ok i want you to know that i want to be a captain because my favorite anime is bleach. Name: Covinshin Age:(to be updated every lvl) 3 Weapon: (left hand)wooden staff (right hand) bronze longsword (when my guy gets high enough he will switch to saradomin god staff and dragon long) Sheild: None Armour: Monk robes with bronze gauntlets and boots. History: Came from afar to defend the rights of runescapians all over the world and is training to be a master so as to be able to defeat the black dragon that slew his family. Good at: Strengh, Magic, Defence(does not wear armour because of this) Bad at: Farming, Construction, Runecrafting Likes: My carachter likes to kill things for no reason and likes slayer and summoning. These two are not very high but are usefull. dislikes: Hates having to be bossed around by higher lvls. God: saradomin
  14. aler1367

    The Void

    IC:Covinshin burst into the room and slashed the throught of the guy who had killed his clone. He turned and left with the diary and ran out of the fortress. Covinshin left falador and ran to varock to check to see if they too were still on lockdown. "It is me! Covinshin of the white knights. Open!" covinshin yelled out to the gate keeper. "Ok. Wait a minute." the guy yelled back and then he started reeling in the thick metal chains forged deep within the mountain of lave located deep in the wilderness.
  15. aler1367

    The Void

    and waited

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