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  1. While browsing through my roommates collective library I came upon "Schmidt, Shelley, and Bardes , American Government and Politics Today 2007-2008 Edition" A common textbook which she appropriated from her former high school, and in reading I came upon these passages. "Clearly, a representative democracy relies on a politically informed and active citizenry to elect leaders. Yet the United States has a notoriously low rate of voter turnout in elections when compared to other Western democracies. Low voter turnout translates into elected officials who merely represent the interests of the majority of those citizens who actually cast a ballot... Consider the election of George W. Bush in 2004. In that election, Bush garnered roughly 51 percent of the total popular vote. When voter turnout is considered however, Bush was elected by only 27.6 percent of the voting age population." A very basic question from a very basic textbook, yet the question is relevant, and even more so now that the United States latest Presidential Election is around the corner. So, do you agree or disagree that every American be required to cast a ballot? Should they also be well informed on issues in order to vote? Or, what can be done to reverse this trend of low voter turnout?
  2. jack-nicholson

    Soccer or Football?

    When it comes to Language we Americans are in no position to demand or expect anything, seeing as how we can barely even speak what we call "English". It's Football, get over yourself.
  3. jack-nicholson

    Real Life Monkey Island

    I want to go to there...
  4. jack-nicholson

    my national art galry

    This would easily make the cut at the Tate
  5. jack-nicholson

    Favorite Star Trek series

    That kinda makes sense, a lot of people don't like TOS, which I get, but it's still a classic in my book. And you're right, the first 3 seasons of TNG is a little wacky, the uniforms look WAY too tight, Troi is wearing a weird cheerleader outfit half the time, and Wesley is at his most annoying. I never really watched Enterprise that much so I can't say, but yeah this rule is insane. It literally holds true for the first 4 series!
  6. jack-nicholson


    A pack of Marb 27's a week.
  7. jack-nicholson

    Favorite Star Trek series

    You're really gonna choose VOY over TOS or TNG? That's ridiculous. I enjoy DS9 the most, I like the story arcs, even though later in the seasons it got a little silly.
  8. jack-nicholson

    Woman sues Bieber over hearing loss

    I assume it was at the Rose Quarter which is basically the largest concert hall we have. Does this person live in a cave? Has she never been to a stadium sized concert before? . It's called ear protection? Earplugs plain and simple. I don't even attend basement shows without earplugs.
  9. jack-nicholson

    Old School Slammers.

    Whattup Dhamp it's me Wammer.
  10. jack-nicholson

    Do You Think Prisoners Deserve The Right to Vote?

    Eugene Debs ran for president from his prison cell in 1920 and garnered about 3.5% of the votes. If he can do that, then any citizen no matter their status has the right to vote. If anything it might actually help with rehabilitation. If a prisoner feels that he is still a member of the voting public and fulfilling his Social Contract, I think it would go a long way to giving them hope. Too many prisoners are disenfranchised and forgotten as it is and this little bit of civic duty could give birth to civic pride.
  11. Let's get this straight, the communities outside of Portland, aka the metropolitan area, are weird and full of white trash. This goes for Beaverton as well.
  12. jack-nicholson

    Legends of Sals - 16 Legends and Counting

    Yo Adam is that dumb wiki of yours still around? I need to do my research.
  13. jack-nicholson

    Residents of Dull hope for link with Boring

    I have driven through Boring so many times when heading East it's ridiculous. And it's a very quick ride in and out of town.
  14. jack-nicholson

    Hi Sals

    I creep on the down low now and then.
  15. jack-nicholson

    Epic Taliban fail

    Do you not recognize the voice? It's Frontline, a U.S. series on PBS.
  16. jack-nicholson

    Music Recommendations Thread

    You should check out 9th Wonder's remix of God's Son. So beautiful.
  17. jack-nicholson

    Chill-out and Ambient Music

    Lets name the classics. Anything Brian Eno has done with Robert Fripp especially "Evening Star". Anything Eno has done solo that he calls "ambient" especially "Music for Airports". Anything and everything Boards of Canada has done. And Toro Y Moi's "Causers of This". Because the small minded critics literally called it "chill-wave"
  18. jack-nicholson


    Your eloquent wordplay impresses me good sir. I used to be part of the sky blue bourgeoise (DM) so I have a limited understanding of your treatise. Stay the course and fight the good fight. -JN
  19. jack-nicholson

    A look back in time.

    Oh mon ami! I feel your pain and nostalgia! I as well have dealt with with higher learning and academia. I applaud your pharmaceutical studies, and wish you the best of success! I also congratulate you on overcoming and dealing with your sight, I too have had to deal with my mental/physical problems in living in this world. I salute you and wish you only the best of luck. Salaam Alaikum! -JN
  20. jack-nicholson

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I have SO MUCH VINYL! Most of it is Punk/Metal/Indie from my hometown and scene. Last count I think I had 100+ 12" and maybe 50+ 7". I listen to them infrequently since I have most of it in Digital format, Put there are those rare cuts that are only available on vinyl. And even when you try to convert it, never sounds as good.
  21. jack-nicholson

    Advice please?

    You're young. Live life to the limit, no regrets and no shame. In due time all will be forgotten and you will laugh. Just go for it.
  22. jack-nicholson

    Continuing from the last thread.

    Concerning tattoo's: I hope you love it, because is will be with you FOREVER.
  23. jack-nicholson

    A Dream Problem

    There are so many people out there who believe in dreams, and will not spare a breath explaining them. My advice in analyzing dreams; they have as much meaning as you give them, and in so doing, you get as much as you put into it. Meaning, you can either take your dreams seriously and try to analyze them, or you can disregard them and pay them no heed, which is what I do, Question: Do you take any sort of medication? I'm not trying to pry into your medical past but medication can affect dreams quite severely.
  24. jack-nicholson

    Music Recommendations Thread

    If you are looking for a superior old school Post-Punk band check out, Asylum Party.
  25. jack-nicholson

    Biggest relief of my life right now

    Hahahaha, highlarious

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