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  1. Da_Mage02

    The "future"

    I must respectfully disagree. Ten years ago, the Internet was slow as hell, digital sound storage was still (or just recently) moved from a military secret to a commonplace event, and things like that. See, I don't think brand new technologies like H-bombs and computers are going to be sprouting up, but they sure as hell are going to be a whole lot better.
  2. Da_Mage02

    Did We Invent Math Or Discover It?

    I'd say a blend of both. We use a counting system based on 10, but what if it was, say, 12? A lot of stuff would probably be very different. I think we discovered math based on systems we invented to keep track of it all. Or something like that, anyway.
  3. Da_Mage02

    Tons Of Youtube Videos Pulled Off

    ...And yet we can still use Playlist.com, and all of those other music sites ...
  4. Da_Mage02


    God bless America! Actually, bless humans in general. We'll need it... only humans are stupid enough to make this kind of thing an issue for the courts.
  5. Best typo ever? http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20081114 :( Wow, that comic made me giggle like a little kid.
  6. Da_Mage02

    Things That Do Not Necessarily Make Sense

    *Crunches down 10,000 lobsters, with shells* What? Eh? These shells make some noise, can't hear you...
  7. Da_Mage02

    Obama's Stimulus Package

    Historically, when the economy goes bad, the people in power are booted out. Not that there's any change...
  8. Da_Mage02

    The Most Hated Monster

    I would have to agree with you on that one.
  9. Da_Mage02

    How To Start A War... In 10 Easy Steps

    Oh, yes, I have read Animal Farm. It does, now that I think of it, remind me of what America could become during the next decade. I hope not...
  10. Da_Mage02

    Hey Guys

    I would encourage you to visit the Sal's cc, that's a great way to meet some famous people. And welcome to Sals!
  11. Da_Mage02

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Hmmm... your avatar looks good, except for the gun, it looks kinda cartoony. Well, the whole thing looks cartoony, but you see what I mean.
  12. Da_Mage02

    Have Two Things I Want To Discuss.

    Obama is alive and well, no worries. I play Doom, and listen to occasional rock music... and I am also an Orthodox Christian. I seriously doubt you're going to become a Satanist. If you don't want to, it would be really hard to become one.
  13. Da_Mage02

    Can You Type Well?

    Yes, I am a very fast typer. Too fast, typos are more common than I'd like in Sal's cc.
  14. Da_Mage02

    Us International Police, Why?

    Because we can. Seriously. If someone is going to spend 2 or more years campaigning to be the most powerful person on Earth, they're sure going to use that power once they get into office. The Bill of Rights stops at the border. We can do whatever the hell we want overseas (cough, Guantanimo prison, cough). It's just fun.
  15. NOTICE: All of the wording below is directly taken from the book, "Who s Whom", by Bob Harris, copyright 2007. It was taken without permission. Luckily, nobody cares. I really don't know if this is a debate or not, but I'm certainly asserting my opinion. If someone really disagrees with the placement of this thread, just get it moved to "general discussion", I really don't mind. How to start a war, in ten easy steps! 1. Find something you want on somebody else's soil. This can be anything: natural resources, acess to sea routes, living space in the east, the hometown of your diety, or a personal sense of vindicatioin. Use your imagination! There are no wrong answers. 2. Begin convincing your public that you desire only peace. If this isn't credible because your country fights a lot of wars, convince your public that you are only concerned for their safety. If this isn't credible because you've gotten a lot of them killed, tell them you're talking to God. 3. If you run a dictatorship, buy/bribe/imprison/kill your country's media so your message will not be contradicted. Proceed to Step 4. If you do not run a dictatorship, simply repeat your messages, constantly, every single day. Exaggerate and contradict yourself as necessary. The media will dutifully recite each claim, no matter how outrageous, as part of each day's news. Even a scientific debunking cannot hurt your message; this will play simply as controversy. Finally, deny further access to any media outlets that do not faithfully repeat your claims. They must eventually cooperate merely to stay in business. 4. Demonize the country you want to attack. If your citizens are sophisticated enough not to fear millions of strangers who have done them no harm, simply demonize the leader of your target nation. This figure will soon appear to be synonymous with the entire population. (This will also help train your citizens to become receptive to you as synonymous with them see Step 5). In any case, make the other side appear as subhuman as possible. If their government or army has ever committed a war crime- and most have- point this out constantly. Use visual aids. 5. Make yourself personally synonymous with the national welfare. Pose with flags. Use the word strong a lot when talking about yourself. Stand in front of a mass of soldiers. However, do not wear the uniform; you lead the nation, not just the military (At best, you will look like another gneral, inviting rivals, at worst, you will look ridiculous.) 6. (a) Question the patriotism, honesty, and/or religious virtue of anyone who disagrees with you. Imply that they are traitors. Meanwhile, reward the inevitable toadies in politics and the press who insist on the truth of even your contradictory claims. Let them be seen in your presence; they will become overwhelmed with loyalty. (b) Imprison people; it doesn't matter who. Imprisoning people shows how important your goal is, while intimidating your opponents and impressing your toadies. If possible, imprison members of the target nation and domestic dissidents, implying their equivalence. 7. Nurture fear and a sense of righteous persecution. No public supports a war if they consider themselves the unjust aggressors. Most human beings are basically decent. You must not let this influence their decision-making process. Convince your public that the other side is hell-bent on war and they cannot be placated. Therfore, your war will be moral because it is self-defense. To your toadies, their self-defense will logically extend to attacking your domestic opponents, reinforcing the power of Step 6. 8. When peace overtures are made, denounce them as exactly the sort of thing your devious opponents would do to buy time/weaken your resolve/trick you into an unfair deal. Make it clear that by offering peace, your opponents are giving you no optioin but to attack. In self-defense. 9. Attack. In self-defense. The precise moment of invasion should be dictated by the start of TV prime time in your home country. Simply count the number of time zones from your target to your TV studios and adjust accordingly. Don't worry if this means you're attacking a 3 a.m.; explosions and tracer bullets look brighter on night shoots anyway. 10. Repeat all of the above as needed until either (a) you get everything, (b) you can plausibly claim you got everything, © a y stalemate develops that even you realize eventually weaken your rule, or (d) your head is put on a pike by angry subjects and your corpse is ripped to shreds in anger. If you have heirs who may someday assume your mantle, teach them how to play, too, so your victory/frustration/humiliating losses/easure from history can be celebrated/avenged/avenged/avenged. Have fun!

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