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  1. Hottie For U

    An Increase?

    the more d claws put into the game the more pjers there are
  2. Hottie For U

    Ubh Vs Kts

  3. Hottie For U

    Destiny And Bwja

    who is this bwja fella i've heard so little about
  4. Hottie For U

    14 Hour Pkri

    sad to see you guys close
  5. Hottie For U

    Ft Vs Ko Full Out

  6. Hottie For U

    Exodus Vs Ft

    haha gf guys
  7. Hottie For U

    Bring P2p Back To Sals

    well its true that p2p wars do rely alot on the items you bring, but you ca set such rules as no godswords and whatever else you think of to level out the playing field
  8. Hottie For U

    Eo Vs Tdm

    gj eo
  9. Hottie For U

    Ft V Tmc

    fun fight
  10. Hottie For U

    Adrenaline Takes The Win

    id say not much effect seeing as how ive never heard of adrenaline or haoshu

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