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    Music! Anything with Bass! If you have any songs you think have good bass, pm me about 'em.

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  1. Air Force One

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    It depends. The graphics are WAY better. The storyline is good, Runescape doesn't really have a storyline. The max level is 20, and you put points in seperate attributes. You can have tons of skills, but can only use 7 (I think) at a time. IMO it is better in some aspects, but worse in others.
  2. Air Force One

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    I love this game, haven't played in a while. Have a 20 W/Mo from when I started. Right now I'm starting a new character, I want it to be original, so if anyone thinks one of these class combonations is odd or original, please tell me. The first class is Elementalist. E/R E/Wo E/N E/Mo P.S. Can anyone tell me if Factions is worth buying? I don't want to waste money on it, but it might be fun =p.

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