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  1. mage_dude


  2. mage_dude

    Things You Regret Doing On Sals

    I regret doing something to get my old account banned until 2032
  3. mage_dude

    Grand Exchange Database

    I checked out the data base this morning. it like the stock echange. lol :)
  4. mage_dude

    Treasure Trail Expansion

    I can't wait to see those new rewards for myself. Especially the canes!!! :)
  5. mage_dude

    One Messed Up Thing

    that's disgusting!!!!
  6. mage_dude


    tourture is wrong. "Do unto other what you would like done to yourself."
  7. mage_dude


    yuck yuck yuck a million times yuck!! Human beaing arn't for eating
  8. mage_dude


    I believe in god. he can hear you he just doesn't normaly speak back
  9. mage_dude

    Cutting Urself

    no that's awful don't cut yourself it's not the way. Go talk to someone. :)
  10. mage_dude

    Paypal Subscription Reductions

    I have no idea what paypal is but it's cool I guess :)
  11. mage_dude

    Fist Of Guthix

    this is so cool! :)
  12. mage_dude

    Recent Shock/pornography Attacks

    whats going on??? :)
  13. mage_dude

    Gnomecopters ~ 31st March 2008

    i've been on them there kinda cool :)
  14. mage_dude

    Congratulations To...

    congats :)
  15. mage_dude

    Fooled You!

    nice april fools joke :)

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