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  1. Skill is an epic fail. I was planning to get my membership back and play Runescape this summer but this minigame disguised in a skill is just pathetic. To fix the skill : - Get rid of that lvl 120 max - Increase XP or lower rewards prices - Create some useful rewards - Make it enjoyable - Stop penalizing players for logging out. I did an entire dungeon which was pretty complexe yesterday but I was obligated to logout before beating the boss. I got 40xp or so... That's outrageous playing more than an hour for such pathetics XP rate... So I'm not going to play Runescape anymore. A game for no-lifers an 10-year olds' not for me.
  2. Frankyboy314

    What Was That?

    I didn't get that -.-
  3. Frankyboy314

    War Of Legends

    The thing is, if you don't pay Jagex, you won't be able to play the game at all (and have fun). I'm gonna try it out for a week and quit because that's probably the most disappointing thing I saw by Jagex.
  4. Frankyboy314

    Best Place To Cut Yews?

    Most of the time there are only 3 players or less at gnome stronghold, the best spot IMO
  5. Frankyboy314

    Runescape Cards In Canada

    Excellent news, now my friends will be able to get members too!
  6. Frankyboy314

    Mounted Trophies

    I heard they were going to update construction so that you could move rooms. I hope it's true!
  7. Frankyboy314

    Herby Help?

    You also need to get lvl 70 in farming, so you could farm your herbs for herblore. You will train two skills and probably make some cash in the process. That's what I did for 55-70 herblore.
  8. Frankyboy314

    Gravestone Pvp World.

    Think about it this way : You are mining some coal in the Mining guild. Someone is stealing your rocks. You ask him politely to get his own. He continues stealing your rocks. You go to the bank, grab your armour and own him. 100% support, that's exactly what I thought PVP worlds would be.
  9. Frankyboy314

    Are You Addicted To Runescape?

    I started 730 days ago Played about 500 days My time played is 56 days and 5 hours = 1349 hours 1349/500 = 2,698 hours a day So that's about 2 hours 42 minutes per day That's not a lot... -.-
  10. Frankyboy314

    Are You Addicted To Runescape?

    I don't think I am addicted to Runescape, as I'm perfectly able to stop playing completly or just a small amount of time (30 minutes or less per day). I'm going to decide this week if I cancel my membership (9 days left). If I cancel it, I'm probably going to stop playing (maybe forever) or just restart this summer and cancel it again when school starts back. I still think RuneScape is an excellent way for me to learn English because there's a lot of dialogue in quests and lots of helpful vocabulary. I may have bad marks in mathematic, but I have tons of A+ in English, thanks Runescape -.-
  11. Frankyboy314

    Roll It Backwards ;)

    Just get a better internet connection and stop crying.
  12. Frankyboy314

    Are You Addicted To Runescape?

    Obsession with the Internet: Do you keep thinking about the Internet even when you’re offline or dream of the Internet when you sleep? : I'm dreaming about RuneScape almost every night, but since I play 3 hours a day in average (5 hours on the internet), it's normal. I often think about RuneScape, principally small or huge goals I'm planning to do. Objectives are the only thing keeping me active on this game. Loss of control: Do you feel unwilling or unable to walk away from the computer? Do you feel an uncontrollable urge to keep surfing or playing online? Do you lose your self-control? : Only when I'm doing a quest or a treasure trail, and I'm still able to walk away, but I don't want to because I like to finish what I start, especially Involuntary quiteness or moodiness when offline: Do you have a lot of mood swings? Do you shout at your parents, relatives or friends for no reason? Do you feel alone or cut off from the real world? Rarely. Using the Internet as an Escape: Do you use the Web as an easy mode of cheering you up? Do you use it as a source of happiness or escape from reality? Sometimes. I'm not really shy, but I enjoy being alone. Dishonesty of time spent on the Internet: Do you end up lying to employers or family members about the amount of time you on the Internet, or find other methods to conceal the number of hours you spend per day on the Internet? I'm not lying, they know I spend a lot of time on my laptop. A False sense of Security: Do you reveal information to other people via networking that you wouldn’t reveal when you see a person face-to face? Does the disconnection from reality provide you a false sense of security and a loss of boundaries or inhibitions? Do you feel the urge to commit small cyber-crimes like hacking or scamming for your own reasons? Only with people I know irl, especially with some girls that I don't have a lot of oportunities to see. Having deep virtual relationships with others online: Do you spend an excessive amount of time online, talking and building virtual relationships with people who you’ve never seen before, and dating over the Internet? No. Loss of real relationships: Do you spend so much time on the Internet that you neglect your personal relationships like your family? Sometimes.
  13. Frankyboy314

    Your Target's For Next Year!

    Runescape : - Get all 65 stats (2 to go), then 70+ (13 to go) - 115 combat (106 right now) - 85 or 90 farming (74 right now) - 75 or 80 runecrafting (66 right now) - Increase my wealth (25M right now) - Get bandos chest and tassets, maybe dfs - 200 quest points - 50 at least in the new skill - 1850 or more total level Irl : - Get marks proportionnal to my intelligence - Girlfriend (I won't play RuneScape at all if it happens -.-) - Actually learn something at school
  14. Frankyboy314

    French Server Updates

    I support! I'm French-Canadian but I will still play the English version to improve my english. But some of my friends are playing the French version and it would be nice to have Canadian servers too.

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