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    RS, Biking, Video Gaming, anything involving MS Paint, RPGing, guitar&bass playing...

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    Peter Tam
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    Cooking ^_^
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    503, and ?
  1. Hitnrunguy

    The Kit

    I did the second set all but dragon. >.< I'll do anything else you need. Can I do the phat colors? ^^^Clicky^^^
  2. Hitnrunguy

    The Kit

    Awesome! 9/10 I think the steel armor color should be the iron because the iron's too dark, and the steel should be a bit lighter. That's it though, I love it.
  3. Hitnrunguy

    Band Logo Comp.

    no size in particular
  4. Hitnrunguy

    Rate The Band Above

    7/10 Green Day
  5. Hitnrunguy

    Sal's Presidential Election

  6. Hitnrunguy

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  7. Hitnrunguy


    Fallout 3 and GoW2 ^_^
  8. Hitnrunguy

    Band Logo Comp.

    I'm back finally! Okay, the object of this comp is to pixelate your favorite band's logo, or one of their album covers. ^_^ Only 12 slots maximum. 1- Magic 2- Zach 3- 4- 5- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- Deadline- December 25 Notes- No specific genre of music, can be a singer too. No particular style or size. Here's Mine- http://img262.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rhcpai1.png Question: How do you get the picture on here and not the link?
  9. Hitnrunguy

    Kit Beta

    I like it, Zach. The style, the color, 10/10
  10. Hitnrunguy

    My Top 5 Bands

    1. Green Day 2. My Chemical Romance 3. The Misfits 4. Metallica 5. All-American Rejects
  11. Hitnrunguy

    Guitar Competition

    I'm in between 5 and 25 I've been teaching myself guitar+bass for 2 or 3 years. I'm saving up for an Ibanez Acoustic right now. Guitar: Epiphone 'Emily the Strange' SG Bass: Fender Strat Behringer Bass Amp- 10/10 :) I recommend, BIG, LOUD bang for your buck, small but LOUD, good for guitars too. I LOVE IT. :) Currently learning- One by Metallica 5% done, probably never will finish it :) Iron Man by Black Sabbath 90% done, currently working on solo :) Lastly, Rock & Roll All Nite by Kiss, 90%, can't find tabs for solo/
  12. Hitnrunguy

    Obama Accused Of Distorting The Bible

    No, I would still vote for Barack. Because even politicians have freedom of religion, and plus, not everyone is a Christian! No offense,
  13. I found it in a balloon "Yippee" *welds onto head* Heheh, get it off now.
  14. Hitnrunguy

    Hitnrunguy's No-face Kit!

    I didn't mean to rip off the Mini-Kit, the legs are the same because my kit is the same size as IDK'S. Case closed.
  15. Hitnrunguy

    Hitnrunguy's No-face Kit!

    Yes, read my rules. It says no reposting (that means even on this page) I know you were trying to help but please, don't edit things that are already there. And 3 points against yours- 1- The sideways phats are supposed to have points (i.e. jagged corners) 2- The shields are shaded like I want them to be! 3- I am only using one type of shading for the kit! (line shading not pillow shading!)

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