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    wherever u can get high
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    hen hen80
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  1. Henhen80

    What's Yer Iq?

    420 420
  2. Henhen80

    Rate This Band

    i can only listen 2 them when im high which i get every day at least 3 times
  3. shoul just kick back and smoke som dope
  4. rate 1-10 u might not like it cos i made it wen i got high
  5. cuz im REALY high a lot and i dont want to get in trouble for telling people aboutz it
  6. herblore cuz it reminds me of weed and i get high every day when i play
  7. Henhen80

    Should Every Drugs B Legal

    i think all of them should so i dont go 2 jail any more what about you, dogz
  8. Henhen80

    Gettin High In Rs

    real gangsta would support smokin dat bud in rs yo
  9. Henhen80

    Gettin High In Rs

    man just light up a fatty and think about that shizzle in rs man that would be drippin
  10. Henhen80

    Pics Of Yourself!

    me this morning
  11. Henhen80

    Gettin High In Rs

    well yeah im high right now but think about it dude rs would be so koool with drugs
  12. Henhen80

    Ever Encounted A Ghost Befor?

    i was trippin last night (prob cuz i was high) and i saw the ghost of my dead bro who died from a heroin OD
  13. Henhen80

    Gettin High In Rs

    becuz its so kool, dog
  14. Henhen80

    Gettin High In Rs

    i think if they want 2 make rs more realistic they shoud add a way for players 2 do drugs and get high rate 1-10
  15. Henhen80

    How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?

    probably not that much because of all the drugs ive done

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