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  1. the car with the highest gas mileage. if all cars ran forever with no maintenance or gas or anything however, basically what zombie eisenhower said
  2. but in all honesty, once like 6 years ago i was in tech ed and some scissors slipped and cut the end of my index finger pretty deep, you could see a very pretty red circle when it was being washed. not a knife, but a sharp object that.. could be used for most of the same purposes.
  3. a few people have said space travel is impractical or impossible impractical, impossible, maybe. but to me it looks pretty inevitable. And once we get space travel down, population control, food, nearly all our problems will instantly vanish.
  4. hey buddy. i had the avatar first >=( also it's my name. anyway. i would go to the future, and study history via technology that will hopefully be invented.. the past interests me, and the future does as well.
  5. Honestly, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They make social commentary fun! really, who hasn't heard of south park? or at this point book of mormon.
  6. Two girls in one night as truth or dare/pity kiss because i never kissed a girl, and my girlfriend. So, 3. only one person was serious though
  7. don't have a job, never had a job, gettin a job applying for a job in three weeks awwwww yeah.
  8. Shoe: whichever i find first =p Spacebar: right Pant leg: right Race: left? i'm not sure though Handed: left
  9. never had a dentist confirmed cavity.. but i think i might have one now, so i put once. also did have braces, orthodontist messed em up too, they over adjusted so i had to have em extra long (i think 6 years? maybe 5)
  10. watch her prove that he really is behind 9/11. that would be interesting.
  11. where's the 'anytime' button? i voted both, great movie edit: oops.. sorry for the bump, it was only like the fourth or fifth topic anyway
  12. i agree. i've heard maybe two songs from city of evil and it was the same sound as nightmare, but till i hear it, i dunno.
  13. i could test what you guys have (as in, test how fun and cool it is) otherwise i wont be much help. not creative, and don't know jack squat about coding or anything like that
  14. modern: boondock saints 1, or the (to be) entire series, they aren't done yet though and the green mile
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