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  1. Hexagon

    New Fad?

  2. Hexagon

    A New Name?

    Might as well make it iSlave to Teh Thingeh and use this as your avatar:
  3. Hexagon


    Then.. they were not actually miracles and Jebus was deceiving all his followers?
  4. Hexagon

    Rate The Movie Above You (:

    6/10 Clerks
  5. Hexagon

    Rate The Song Above You (with Videos)

    1/10. Slapknut = horrible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLXdws1o1dc
  6. Hexagon

    My New R.s. Account!

    How original
  7. Hexagon

    *new Song* Me Performing Some Of My Songs

    Dont disrespect his mad beatz
  8. Hexagon

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Iggy & The Stooges - 1970
  9. Hexagon

    *new Song* Me Performing Some Of My Songs

    You have the voice of a wizard of the night
  10. Hexagon

    Official Wow Thread

    I started playing World of Warcraft about a month ago. I have a level 30 Shaman.
  11. Hexagon

    Heres One For The Slipknot Fans Out There

    Um.. I thought this was for serious debates, not arguing about a crap band's crap albums I think that sort of thing goes down in Entertainment
  12. Hexagon


    No religion is right. They have all changed, nobody knows what really went on.
  13. Hexagon

    Transgender Man Pregnant

    "He" is not technically a man on the inside so it's not that big of a deal.
  14. Hexagon

    Rate My Guy

    Decent gear, decent stats 6/10.
  15. Hexagon

    I Has An Ipod

    How do you not know what to put on it? It's an iPod.. designed to store your digital media Just find your favorite music, music videos, movies, pictures, etc
  16. Hexagon

    My Signature Pet Died?

    I never got those things
  17. Hexagon


    I don't follow any religion
  18. Hexagon

    Indiana Jones

    How is that Shia LeBuff guy getting into every movie all the sudden
  19. Hexagon

    F.o.g Pairing

    Only played once and was paired with a level 101.
  20. Uhh.. Pretty cool as far as giant buildings go, I guess
  21. Hexagon

    Cutting Urself

    Well that just sounds unhealthy
  22. Hexagon

    What's Your Favorite Book?

    Don't have any books I actually enjoyed reading, just what I've had to read for classes
  23. Hexagon

    The Songs We Live To

    You Got A Death Wish, Johny Truant? 1970 Break On Through

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