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  1. The reason for the war was to find weapons of mass destruction, which haven't been found yet. But, Hillary Clinton also helped persuade Congress to give Bush the power to invade Iraq. It's not only Bush that's to blame for the mess we're in now.

    Except all those people that supported it 5 years ago don't support it now and stopped supporting it long ago

  2. Did we find what we went against the UN to look for in Iraq? No.

    Have we lost a huge amount of money? Yes.


    And please, don't give me that "we're helping the people there because Saddam was a bad leader." We put Saddam in power. And honestly, if America really cared about helping other countries and wasn't interested in its own personal gain, we'd be doing more in places like Darfur.

  3. Agonsticism means you don't care about religion at all, but atheism is the active dislike

    Atheism is the belief that there is no god. It doesn't have anything to do with liking or disliking religions.


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