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  1. hardrain

    Help With Sports

    yes i realize that i need to rahab my shoulder first but i can come back by the end of the year so im just gonna go ahead and buy a pad. also i think big pads on a QB would be bad, because it would slow them down.
  2. hardrain

    Help With Sports

    i was doing a tackling drill and i had the ball so i lowered my shoulder before i hit him and yea, thats it. it wasnt a serious break either, just thought i would need more protection
  3. hardrain

    Help With Sports

    arnt chest protecters moslt for QBs? well thanks for the help, ill ask my team docter tomarrow.
  4. hardrain

    Help With Sports

    well, i play american football and i was just wandering if there was any extra padding besides shoulder pads i could were to prevent a collerbone injury? i have recently broken my collerbone and am not willing to repeat the experience. and if it matters, im playing freshman football and am a d lineman
  5. hardrain

    Pink Floyd Vs. The Who

    the who owns pink floyd anyday!
  6. hardrain

    What Year Did You First Get The Internet?

    Oh jeez, that's one thing I hated about the internet. I used Kazaa or something when I was younger, trying to look for Boy Meets World episodes and well...they definitely were not the Cory and Topanga I knew. D: I remember that show. Wow, brings back memories. ^^^^^^^ this i dunno, like 2002, i jsut played neopets, and i jsut checked my old account and my dinosaur died
  7. hardrain

    Spoof Movies

    to tell you the truth i hate all the spoof movies that have comeout since the year 2000. spaceballs for the win
  8. hardrain

    Should The Above User Change His/her Username

    keep it(if your name from some movie or what?
  9. hardrain

    How Do I Take Care Of These Kids?

    beat him up and steal his game counsel
  10. hardrain

    I Have Super-abilities

    arnt you the guy who took drugs and couldnt sleep and the one who his in his closet because of monsters?
  11. hardrain


    im a freshman and ive been in shcool for a month(live in kentucky) scedule: intermediate strings science civics lunch french acc. english advanced cond. weight lighting math same classes through out year
  12. hardrain

    Im Scared

    this is the funniest topic ive ever read. can i have link to his earlier one about him taking drugs please
  13. hardrain

    Hannah Montana....?

    theres girls in my high school classesthat buy her stuff, and they are age like 18 or 17.
  14. hardrain

    A Better Reason To Fear Clowns.

    if you ask me the fear of clowns is just to be funny and make yourself cool. most of the kids i talk to and ask them about there fear just say they are afraid "because". i do realize there are people realy afaid of them though. also i am not afraid of them and wasnt scared of it(only part was when he came out when the boy was in the shower,rapist )

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