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  1. Oi lads and lassies of runescape while ive been on youtube i have been seeing peoples saying that runescape sucks well i seen this vid do u think jagex is making runescape sucky? BTW i have no idea were to put this post btw there are comparisons between a game called maplestory and runescape
  2. ysevolod

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob

    noob cuz you hate pie (how dare u!)
  3. ysevolod

    Ask A Silly Question, Get A Silly Answer!

    because your fat where do babys come from?
  4. ysevolod

    Arrggg The 3 Word Post Story!

    emo dude who
  5. ysevolod

    Take A Wish, But It Will Get Shot Down

    granted,but you got a F- cuz all its wrong i wish i had world domination
  6. ysevolod

    Strange But True

    i put sprinkles on my ice cream LOL
  7. ysevolod

    Bank Probloms!

    i do have lots of things in my bank
  8. ysevolod

    Bank Probloms!

    if i ever try to store somthing in my bank its going to say "you need to subscribe for a members account if you want to store anymore items in the bank" i refuse to P2P because i cant afford it anymore please help!
  9. ysevolod

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob

    because hes reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeal osbessed with penguins
  10. ysevolod

    Biggest Sum Of Money In Runescape?

    the most i had is like 19k
  11. ysevolod

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    keep wolfs are kool
  12. ysevolod

    What Kind Of Pet(s) Do You Have?

    a normal cat and a bulldog puppy

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