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  1. ysevolod

    Da Arrow Game

    this is how it works: ^ -you say somthing about the person above you < -you say somthing about yourself v - you say somthing about the person whoes posts at the bottom of you example: ^-starter of this post <-is scottish v-next person whoes maybay not gonna understand this any questions??? ill start ^-nobody.... <-me!!! v-the next person?
  2. Oi lads and lassies of runescape while ive been on youtube i have been seeing peoples saying that runescape sucks well i seen this vid do u think jagex is making runescape sucky? BTW i have no idea were to put this post btw there are comparisons between a game called maplestory and runescape
  3. ysevolod

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob

    noob cuz you hate pie (how dare u!)
  4. ysevolod

    Ask A Silly Question, Get A Silly Answer!

    because your fat where do babys come from?
  5. ysevolod

    Arrggg The 3 Word Post Story!

    emo dude who
  6. ysevolod

    Take A Wish, But It Will Get Shot Down

    granted,but you got a F- cuz all its wrong i wish i had world domination
  7. ysevolod

    Strange But True

    i put sprinkles on my ice cream LOL
  8. ysevolod

    Bank Probloms!

    if i ever try to store somthing in my bank its going to say "you need to subscribe for a members account if you want to store anymore items in the bank" i refuse to P2P because i cant afford it anymore please help!
  9. ysevolod

    Bank Probloms!

    i do have lots of things in my bank
  10. ysevolod

    Why The Above Poster Is A Noob

    because hes reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeal osbessed with penguins
  11. ysevolod

    Biggest Sum Of Money In Runescape?

    the most i had is like 19k
  12. ysevolod

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    keep wolfs are kool
  13. ysevolod

    What Kind Of Pet(s) Do You Have?

    a normal cat and a bulldog puppy
  14. ysevolod

    Da Arrow Game

    ^ correct < is scotish/gaelic v is another canadian
  15. ysevolod

    *new Song* Me Performing Some Of My Songs

    look lad being emo isnt going teu help anything its just going to make people think yer crazy or mental forr a fact laad i know yer tryin ta get some attention with yer songs lots a people like and some dont so its your choise ether become a normal person or a emo like ye are lad
  16. ysevolod

    What's Yer Iq?

    88 damn it!
  17. ysevolod

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    keep its hilarious!
  18. ysevolod

    Worst Way To Die

    uhhh.......jumping off a highland cliff with the lochness monster about to open his mouth to eat ye?
  19. ysevolod

    Leaving Sals

    pffffffff sals is great and theres (somtimes) no dead posts

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