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  1. MarksY

    My Sword Is Halfway Through His Skull :d

    Congrats with getting to level 92 Slayer! Keep going -.-
  2. MarksY

    Longest Last Logged In Ever?

    Mine was probably about one and a half years? I might have a pure account that hasn't been used for nearly 3 years now
  3. I would probably train cooking and firemaking up to level 99. Then buy full dragon, maybe treat myself to something extra or give it away.
  4. MarksY

    How Did You Die Last?

    Got cut into little pieces on Gears Of War 2.
  5. MarksY

    Runescape Offical Forums

    I've only ever used them once or twice, not really sure why I don't use them more.
  6. MarksY

    The Sals Forum Gaming Names

    Add me to the list AgeofMarksy Thanks If anyone adds me tell me if your from Sals ^_^
  7. MarksY

    Assisted Suicide

    I think that it should be legalised for people who are in a lot of pain and don't stand a chance of being cured. ~MarksY>
  8. MarksY

    Sals Fable 2 Chat!

    I completed it finally I love the ending and i chose love and got my dog back i have 725 Achievement points so far. ~MarksY>
  9. MarksY

    Have You Ever Fired A Gun?

    Air rifle and that's about it ~MarksY
  10. MarksY

    Sals Fable 2 Chat!

    I got Fable 2 today I <3 it It is one of the best games i have ever played ~MarksY>
  11. MarksY

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    I finally became a Captain Grade 2 today ~MarksY>
  12. MarksY

    Sals Fallout 3 Chat!

    WHAT THE FUR COAT ?!?!?! HOW CAN ANYONE HATE OBLIVION???? I just can't get into it most of my friends can't believe I hate it I like more simple games lol ~MarksY>
  13. MarksY

    Sals Fable 2 Chat!

    Sell a kidney. Or just go get a job mowing lawns or raking leaves or something. If your old enough than simply get a real job. I have a job but it doesn't pay that well lol I might have to go with your idea after all lol ~MarksY>
  14. MarksY

    Sals Fable 2 Chat!

    I wish I had the money for this game ~MarksY>
  15. MarksY

    Sals Fallout 3 Chat!

    It looks a bit like oblivion but with guns and I hated oblivion so much ~MarksY>

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