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    I live mainly in varrok but I do spend some time in falador.
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    def ftw!
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    some thing big
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    ancient legion
  1. 13374g3 0wn5 411 n00b5! P30p13 wh0 think5 1337 5tink5 4r3 wr0ng
  2. evilmidget38

    Legion Of The 5th Age! 60+

    The legion of the 5th age is a runescape clan for players that have 60+ combat or 75+ range or magic. The current leader is Merman141. We have many events. We believe in honesty, respect, and integrity. We are a group of friends and our goals are to have fun, and be the best. FORUMS! http://s1.zetaboards.com/legionof5thage/index/ Requirements: 1.60 combat or 75 magic or range 2.be active. You need to be at at least 1/7 activities 3.have AT least adamant armor if you are a meler. 4. you can be f2p or p2p 5. You MUST apply to the clan forums. http://s1.zetaboards.com/legionof5thage/index/ Rules: These rules are listed in least importance to greatest importance. Breaking them results in less merits. Any new member starts with 5. Lose them all and you are banned for 48 hours, then you get 5 more. Lose them and you're gone. You will be banned and disallowed to join again. Ways to get demerits: 1. no swearing -1 2. no flaming -1 3. no spamming -2 4. miss 7 events straight -3 5. breaking an previous rule again -2 For rule number 5 you also will receive the normal punishment. That means if you break rule 3 twice you will get your 48 hour ban. Ways to get more merits: 1. attend an event +2 2. no demerits in 2 weeks+3 http://s1.zetaboards.com/legionof5thage/index/
  3. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    I can't do rs, but I can hang out on your forums
  4. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    The Midget is sad he had to leave and misses you all! He may be able to be on sals realm more, but he spends more time on funorb, because he is still banned from rs. Add him to your friends list lamb and golden! Btw he wants to know if he is welcome on the AL forums.
  5. evilmidget38

    Reporting Zezima

    I know that is a fake because of the large space where you deleted the real name.
  6. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    ok guys I wont be able to log onto rs much.My pc that can do that had its hard drive fail. I hope i can get it repaired soon!
  7. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    What is going to happen to bob's sub-clan?
  8. evilmidget38

    Black-smiths Clan

    Just wondering....Why is the clan called black smiths?A black smith is a smith who makes iron.Does that mean you only make iron?
  9. evilmidget38

    End Of Guthix Champions?

    Merges fail?When did that start? This merge sure isn't failing.
  10. evilmidget38

    End Of Guthix Champions?

    I was leader of the guthix champions.The merge has gone great so far.The clan isnt going to stop anytime soon.We have pwned in clan war day after day.
  11. evilmidget38

    Rune Defenders - Where Killers & Skillers Unite

    Good luck rune defenders!
  12. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    magik ancient and i have made bh accounts. here is our tactic(well it may be our tactic) 1we look for somone we are hunting 2we have the tank trick him into attacking him(anyone as long as they are not hunting the guy) 3then the guy hunting him atts 4then the final guy atts This is the only way our group of 3 can pwn in bh. http://forum.runescape.com/forums.ws?44,45,310,56638696 I use this clan as a place to chat when no one is online is that okay?
  13. evilmidget38

    Ancient Legion 90+

    I just added the clan to the clan database because we now have 31 members.
  14. evilmidget38

    Legion Of The Dark Skilling Clan All Levels!

    Awesome clan join now!!

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