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  1. -BlacKnights Clan - http://bk-rs.co.uk/ | http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=blacknight Led By: Absuseless, T-Board Combat Average: 120.05 Clan Primary Focus: Warring and fun events Clan Team Cape Number: Team-41 cape, Black cape Clan Initials: BK
  2. Hey there! If you haven't decided to join MoD yet then you might want to check out BlacKnights Clan. We've been making history in RS since 01 and celebrated our 8th birthday couple of months ago! Here is our recruitment topic, hopefully it has everything you can ask in it http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...howtopic=246660
  3. Grats Exo. Better luck next time GK.
  4. BlacKnights vs Solar Angels matched opts war BlacKnights were relaxing when we saw Solar Angels stearing at our drinks with an obvious attempt to take it from us - Deciding we don't wan't to give it up so easily we hopped out from our rocking chairs and got ready to battle. Both clans had 2 days to prepare themselves. There was some timezone confusion befor the fight due to Daylight savings time changing for the Americans. Rules - Bk vs Sa Matched opts 4pm eastern 8 pm GMT Melee/bind only Rings allowed Northern Spawn will attack Center Bounds NO CORRUPT BlacKnights starting - 30 people (90 opts) Solar Angels starting - 31 people (93 opts) The fight started off shaky for BK since we were one down and their rush caught us with our pants down. However Littlekalvin our leader (lvl 108) tanked it like a beast while we got our act together. After the first pile dropped we had some nice transitions on their high lvl binders and we got a small lead which we kept until the end of the match. I'd like to say I'm very proud of our performance today since some of our old warriors have went to a better hunting grounds all the new members did excellent job with binding and tanking. Props to you lot. As the fight went on we increased the gap by little until to the point where we had 19 people left. From thereone we managed to finish off the fight without losing any more people. Also only 1 person managed to get DC'd so not much losses from our side. Thank you SA for giving us an awesome battle and hopefully we can do it more in the future. Also thank you for cutting down from 40, much appreciated. Ending picture (a bit messy bit it will do I hope) - Once again, thank you Solar Angels for the war and for those who enjoy more pictures then here they come -
  5. Have you ever had a fight crashed by DK? No Do you think Honor Clans should allow their members to pk with DK? No If you are a clan leader, would you make sure your members stay away from DK? No one in BK can multiclan (it involves official clans and teams that pk)
  6. The mass sniping made us end with less members than predicted, plus the fact so many people dc'd, couldn't join the fight because of dc's and lagged out did their job also. But thank you for the fight Wl >.<
  7. This time the shout-out goes to clans who run to singe when you pile them So beware - if you meet clans near between fishing spots and GDZ - they just might surprise you and each member take a run for the single! But not to worry, they probably have no organization and they lack tanking. So if you get your lets say 10 man pile on one of them, chances are - they won't make it to single (unless they're right next to the border) :D Merry Christmas to you lot, when I find anything more interesting out there, I'll be sure to let you know >.<
  8. So this post goes to all the clans who go around lvl 20 wilderness and tele when they get piled :D I love walking up to a something that almost looks like a clan but if you touch one of them they tele away Too bad I only know one of those clans, I think they're called PH? :D But if there is any other teletubbie clans out there then this shout-out goes to you too :P Please don't take it as a flame or a bait, take it as a joke with a pinch of salt. Ilu teletubbies really >.<
  9. http://files.filefront.com/BK+vs+KO+.....;/fileinfo.html - VIDEO VIDEO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Blacknights VS The Knights of Order the war was fought for rank 14 of RAW Rules: 1) Pools & Rings Allowed 2) Classic Rules Apply 3) Mid Bounds (DONT GO OUT OF BOUNDS) 4) Binds And Melee Only (No Ranged) 5) Team 41 Capes 7) NO FA's or Cadets, this is for raw ranks, BK only 8) No corrupt dragon weapons or Armour. KO's ML = http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=koforever BK's ML = http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=blacknight BK's and KO's starting ops BK - 165 options KO - 69 options BK ending ops We had one person who dc'd ^_^ Good fight KO! Random pictures -
  10. http://files.filefront.com/BK+Vs+RT+300avi...;/fileinfo.html Video if anyone wants to see it. Doesn't have music though :$
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