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  1. I know I know... I am not much of a known member. In fact, I have not participated much in these forums during these 6 years. I mostly played and came here to read Sal's awesome guides. I can still remember my first day at Runescape. Back then I was just a teenager, eager to play runescape because I thought it was amazing I could play a character and just roam around a whole world and go wherever I wanted. I went through island tutorial and started with only a few coins (I think it was 12 gp lol?). I took my role as an adventurer "seriously" and was ready to fight anyone or anything with my wooden shield and bronze sword. Back then, my favorite skills were mining and smithing because I wanted to make full iron armor and was eager to make more due to all the colorful armors out there (mithril lol). And where did I go to learn about runescape? Sal's Realm of Runescape of course! A lot has changed in runescape during these years... and sadly, many of them were not very good. I hated bot nuke day and its infernal lag, I didn't like dungeoneering, I hated the fact that I couldn't make money selling armor in the exchange (smithing became really useless), and I really hated the fact that there were many scammers in game (I clicked a video with a "link" to a fake runescape.com where my password was stolen... yes, it happens even to the most experienced players) and all my dragon armor was stolen (thankfully, my money was safe in the bank). All of these things were major problems, but there were two important factors that made me leave: 1. Jagex had such poor customer support... it's almost as if they didn't care I got scammed. 2. Instead of fixing the game, Jagex came up with the original idea of bringing back runescape 2007, as if that was a solution. However, it seems that Runescape has improved since then (in only 2 years!). I would come back but have been so busy with my senior year at the university, it seems I don't have time. Although many of those problems I mentioned still exist, I will always love this game for the good memories it has given me. How could I forget the moment I defeated Elvarg in Dragon Slayer? How could I forget the moment I completed The Chosen Commander? So many memorable quests that I could mention! Anyway, although I don't think I will come back anytime soon, I hope this community will continue to exist for many many years. Thank you Runescape and Thank you Sal for your guides!
  2. awesome, the guy who made that darkness of hallowvale guide is a genius!! lol joking aside, I am happy to give something back to this wonderful community that has helped me go through quests for all these years. regarding the 2007 servers, I guess I would also go back but I have not been on runescape lately so I really don't know how bad the combat update really is... it all depends on that.
  3. fire wolf737

    Demon Slayer Rewrite

    this is one of those few cases where it seems the change was actually better than the older version. And ty for th guide, it's excellent.
  4. fire wolf737

    Old School RuneScape: Poll Results In!

    It's people like you that piss me off. Once a game becomes more popular, the game owners are going to want to add more content, etc. And of course the price of RuneScape has risen. Jagex has hired more employees, moved into a bigger building, aquired more servers/more powerful servers, and put so many hours of coding, graphics, etc. to the game. They have to pay their programmers, graphics team, etc. every month. Do you think they had the tiny amount of staff from 2005 now? No, they have well over 200 employees, all having to be paid every month. The cost rises because the amount of hours being put into the game has risen. You don't know how much man-hours go into creating a game that they have currently. Runescape started out small, that's why the members fee was only $5 per month. now jagex/runescape is huge, company wise. For them to keep releasing their content and improving it they have to charge a fee. That fee wasn't expensive in 2005, now it is because of all of their "upgrades" (hiring more staff, more servers, bigger building). Blizzard charges I think $20 a month. At least you're not paying that for a game you used to love. Jagex only charges less than $10 for runescape now, be happy for that low price. You wouldn't get all of this content for free with any other game. dude you are such an imbecile, can't you read? As I said, they can make money, I don't care... but I know this game a thousand times more than you, I played this game for years while you joined this forum yesterday. That said, I remember that Jagex used to be a lot more honest about things than today. That's my point. I want honesty and I want them to be like they used to be: a unique company that brought an awesome game. Now they have new owners and expect new kids like you to pay more for less. They had to create the 2007 servers thing because they have lost of a lot of people lately (at least, in my opinion) although we will never know for sure how many people still join and how many left since they never really release the amount of subscribers. But let me assure you, if these people are spamming you with Spins and General Store commercials in game, while being a member, then that means they are not doing well.They are not doing well, because they are not the same. It's the scamming and lack of creativity that pisses me off... and people like you, who speak without even reading a simple forum post. but putting that aside... that reminds me.... I remember when I first arrived from tutorial island. Back then, I held on to my little wooden shield, my 10 coins in the bank, my tinderbox and my pickaxe and thought it was an adventure. You were just thrown into Lumbridge and you had to figure it out. Now it's all easy. You start slaying dragons on your first click... pfff, what happened to the excitement of slaying Elvarg after you were level 40 or so? The new tutorial sucks pretty bad. And whatever happened to making armor and selling it at a good price? What happened to finding most of the materials yourself and making stuff until you got to 99 years later? Dam, even the new soundtracks lack creativity... it's all the same: drums, no melody. They claim they listen to players but instead of adding much needed updates to skills like construction or firemaking, they decide to "fix combat". I can only imagine the lag that would bring if I loged in today. and regarding my comparison with the Volks Beetle... I did that because I study business and it is a typical corporate decision. Make all the money you can by selling the same product. 2007 investment, still selling today because they couldn't come up with something better to bring back players. Can they make more cash? totally, it's business. But the way they abuse the loyalty of players is amazing. Increase in price with commercial spamming with less content with business tactics like these, is an abuse of player trust and loyalty. finally, I don't know the situation with jagex today, but last time I read they were firing people.
  5. fire wolf737

    Old School RuneScape: Poll Results In!

    I have been away from runescape for a year but if they did bring 2007 servers back then they are doing worse than I thought. The new owners of jagex are such money sucking, no good thieves that they are focusing on raising the price of the game, releasing less content for the money we pay (and adding more to sell in the online store and spins). What happened to the old jagex that made this game so fun? Instead of improving the current version they decide to go for the cheap exit: bringing back old servers. That way people pay almost 10 bucks for the same product jagex made years ago. It's like volkswagen selling the old version of the beetle. One investment in 1938 and selling the same thing until 2003. Really cheap and a great dissapointment from jagex. Although the 2007 version of the game was so much fun, they really ruined the current version and expect people to come back cause they brought back the earlier game.... they can make money, I have no problem with that... but the current version and the current website spamming me with Spins and Online Store commercials is really annoying. I remember when I used to pay 5 bucks (or slightly more) and we would get full access to the content. Now we have to pay much more per month and pay extra for some parts of content... really. Not to mention that customer support completely sucks (in my opinion). Try writing to their customer support email, they never respond.
  6. fire wolf737

    Seers' Village Guide Update

    Thanks! It is always a pleasure to contribute to this website!!
  7. fire wolf737

    Fight Arena "rewrite" and Image Update

    bump, this quest guide should have been reviewed already =(
  8. fire wolf737

    The Golem Rewrite and Image Update

    umm, I never understood why this guide hasn't been added to the website. Any specific reason for just letting it die here? (and the other guide rewrites, like Legends Quest and Darkness of Hallowvale?) Sorry for bringing this topic again, I know it's old but if no one updates these guides and adds them to the website then my time was simply wasted. My effort in vain....
  9. fire wolf737

    Forums Back Online...

    its good to see some change once in a while =)
  10. yeah, sadly i've seen some Gold4fun commercials at the bottom of our website (gold sellers). They should be removed if we want to maintain our Platinum support from Jagex. Here's the proof:
  11. fire wolf737

    What's the Best Movie You've Ever Seen?

    ok, here are two movies I think deserve to be mentioned in this topic. These movies are definitely cinematic art. Movies like these are stories as good as classic literature.... The count of Monte Cristo The Right Stuff
  12. fire wolf737

    What's the Best Movie You've Ever Seen?

    lol i also like yours... BAzinga!! I want to show the trailer to The bridge over the river Kwai. It is an amazing movie. British officers are forced to work on a bridge after being captured in war. The movie shows how important it is to have reason when among brutes like the japanese office in charge of the prison camp. above... best scene from the movie. The japanese officer slaps him with the book of the geneva convention. and of course.... no one should forget this movie:
  13. fire wolf737

    What do I pay you for, butler?!

    yeah good idea. It would also help when you are using your chapel to train prayer. That way you can keep all rooms in the way to the chapel, open, and close the rest. Then you only need to click the minimap and your character won't run to other rooms by accident. He will just continue straight into the chapel. you should definitely add this in the runescape forums.

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