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  1. blackrock156

    Runescape Boring?

    i was in your possition too set some random goal with a friend and achive it mine is 30mil[im a non member] and a bunch of high stats my friends goal is 4bil[he is a member with big ideas
  2. blackrock156

    How To Make Money By Fighting

    my title says it all. please help im a lvl 65 non member
  3. blackrock156

    How Organized Is Your Bank?

    i organize my bank by how often i use the items for example my money is first
  4. blackrock156

    What Should I Do?

    i dont know what to do im over a lvl 60 but have nothing special I want any ideas you guys have to offer.......FOR A NON MEMBER ty me.....blackrock156!
  5. blackrock156


    in all seriousness should i quit runescape please provide a reason but first ill tell you why: 1 i dont have that much to do 2 none of my friends play it anymore 3 i have found a game that may just be funner so after this this may be my last post
  6. blackrock156

    Why Do People Get So Mad?

    well if you want my opinion heres a few ways 1 ignore them 2 if he called you a noob when you beat him i think hes the noob
  7. blackrock156

    Connection Lost Waiting To Reastablish...

    none really just good once that happened in the middle of a fog duel and i won
  8. blackrock156

    Granite Or Dchain?

    ok heres my opinion d chain is not worth the $ and granite isn't that great but......... i would stick with granite and train up to full dharock set
  9. blackrock156


    do you think rs is adicting vote then discuss
  10. blackrock156

    Bank Too Crowded, What To Throw Away?

    anything you haven't used in a week and your not planning to use
  11. blackrock156

    What You Do Whilst Skilling

    i do this!
  12. blackrock156

    Favourite Kids .t.v. Program?

    fairly odd parents baby..... fairly odd parents
  13. blackrock156


    hi im wondering what i should do with my stats i have some ideas but i want to hear yours here are my stats i am a non member atk-50 str-59 def-50 magic-33 pryer-32 range-30 rc-7 hp-53 crafting-5 smith-32 mining-45 wcing-64 fishing-35 cooking-30 fming-31 cmbt-65
  14. blackrock156


    should i do range or not vote and or explain why i am a lvl 30 range
  15. blackrock156

    What Are Your Top 5 Famous Americans?

    1.whoever holds the record for most pogostick hop while balancing on his head 2.me

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