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  1. Bloodlover99

    Sal's Top 10/20/30 Clans

    1. Exodus 2. Gladz 3. FT - Would like to fight you, CWA or PVP I don't mind, just want to 4. RE 5. GK 6. Triforce 7. UBH 8. ..3x?? 9. Eclipse?? 10. MoD? Don't really know the clans that are ranked 5-10 except for MoD.. what happened MoD
  2. Bloodlover99

    Activity Check

    RuneScape Name: Bloodlover99 RuneScape Clan: Runescape Elites
  3. Bloodlover99

    Runescape Elites Vs Estonian Alliance.

    GF EA, one or two kills. Managed to shake you off me two or three times, died towards the end because I had no food and little prayer left. Hope we can fight you in pvp sometime. Our numbers topped around 36ish.. Had some sweet KO streaks here and there, causing you to go down to 25 at some point. Hoped we would end with 40+ but I guess it was just a bit too early.
  4. Bloodlover99

    Re Challenges...

    Due to RE having a shizzly warlord (Europa BK), RE is now forced to use forums to look for a proper challenge #. Na j/k.. hope we get a fun opponent :-)
  5. Bloodlover99

    Forgotten Templars Vs Exercitum

    We didn't crash, but ok, Grats.
  6. Bloodlover99

    Re's "night Out"

    Lazy nubs @@ ^ THIS IS CONSIDDERED FLAME LMAO oh noes I'm horribly sorry! I'll never do it again when everyone's too lazy to watch a 5 min vid
  7. Bloodlover99

    Your Name Sir?

  8. Bloodlover99

    Small Announcement

    RIP. Good luck to the former members of Hades.
  9. Bloodlover99

    Re Defeat Exer.

    Vid btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWw6iiX-0CI
  10. Bloodlover99

    Forgotten Templars Vs Crimson Raiders

    Well done FT, seemed like fun .
  11. Bloodlover99

    Runescape Elites Defeat Tko Blitz.

    Knew you wouldn't need me . Good job guys :( What's the reason for that? We'll gladly show you what RE is all about if you underestimate us that much :-)
  12. Bloodlover99

    Re Defeat Exer.

    Yay for us
  13. Bloodlover99

    Re Defeat Exer.

    Was quite easy, GF.
  14. Bloodlover99

    'the' Defeats Exo

    Amazing job THE!
  15. Bloodlover99

    What Do You Eat

    Chips.. and um.. bread.

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