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  1. Buy a bunch of stuff, get bored, and quit
  2. Thick Tubes

    Your Name Sir?

    I'm gonna try to get Magical-Zorse, if it isn't too long
  3. Thick Tubes

    Rate My Desktop! [official]

    style 9/10 originality 7/10 neatness 8/10
  4. Thick Tubes

    Customizing Your Desktop

    I used to use e-sheep, which really served no purpose but entertainment.
  5. Me too. I might get WoW sometime just until I beat it, but then I'll go back to RuneScape. That's what I'll do when I get a better computer. WoW can't be all that bad right?
  6. Thick Tubes

    Sal's Realm Records Library

    I got 1-44 fletching in 1 day
  7. Thick Tubes

    Informing All Woodcutters!

    Boy, aren't we lucky.
  8. Thick Tubes

    First Person On Your Ignore List?

    Some dude from al-karid who was trying to scam me out of my account
  9. Thick Tubes

    Rate My Desktop! [official]

    Thank god for campnorth
  10. It probably started when Youtube started to become popular. >.< Youtube is only popular because people steal flash videos and put them on youtube claiming that they made them when they really didn't.
  11. 1. Import your sound. Then in the library, right click it and click on "linkage". Check the "export for actionscript" box and type in whatever you want the sound to be called in the "identifier" text box. Now go to the first frame of your flash (or the frame where the sound is supposed to start) and put this code into the frame. (be sure to change "rainbowconnection" to whatever identifier you gave your sound. s = new Sound(); s.attachSound("rainbowconnection"); i=1; function timeme (){ now = new Date(); var hours = now.getHours(); var minutes = now.getMinutes(); var seconds = now.getSeconds(); _root["nowtime"+i] = (Number(hours)*3600)+(Number(minutes)*60)+seconds; _root.newstarttime = _root["nowtime"+i] - _root.nowtime1; i++; } s.start(); timeme(); stop(); Now, make a pause button and put this code into it on(press){ s.stop(); timeme(); } and make a play button and put this code into it on(press){ s.stop(); s.start(_root.newstarttime); } That should take care of that. 2. When the player dies, make it go to a death frame, where it tells you how far you made it, or whatever. in that frame put stopAllSounds(); 3. to make a preloader, just make a rectangle and turn it into a movieclip. Put this code into it. onClipEvent(load) { _root.stop(); var totalBytes=_root.getBytesTotal(); this._xscale=0; } onClipEvent(enterFrame) { var loadedBytes=_root.getBytesLoaded(); var percent=100*loadedBytes/totalBytes; this._xscale=percent; if(percent==100) { _root.play(); } } That should take care of all your questions.
  12. Thick Tubes

    Your Max Hit?

    With a rune scim I can hit a max of 13
  13. Thick Tubes

    The New Censor

    I don't see what the big deal is. They're just words. And of course, when you signed up for runescape, jagex assumed you had enough common sense not to tell people where you live and whatnot
  14. Thick Tubes

    Project Gallery

    Right now I'm working on a website where I can showcase all of my flash and coding projects
  15. Thick Tubes

    Player Mods: Are They Useful?

    I think they're useless. Everytime I've ever seen a player mod, they usually just go around saying that they could ban you at any moment. They think they're high and mighty, even if you could beat them in a fight.

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