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    Runescape, Girls. Anime, Naruto, 50 cents.......

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    K4R1L 67
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  1. Pon

    My Brand New Fake!

    It's off Monty Python. They're the knights of Ni, if you see the movie then you'll understand.
  2. Pon


    Not bad, but too simple
  3. Very nice! I like them alot... 9.9/10
  4. Pon

    Easier 99?

    I have a friend who just got 99 mage from alching yew longbows (i think) He's been goin for about 1-2 months. Just finished a few days ago. -Pon
  5. Pon


    Yea report him. -Pon
  6. Hmmm.............Lobster or Monkfish............or Shark....thats if you can afford it. -Pon
  7. Pon

    99 Firemaking

    well if you wanted to get it quick (i mean buying the logs not cutting them) if you a spare 2m that you wont use buy willows there quick. But to get it quicker buy however many maples you need for 5m then you should be fine. (You could cut them if you wanted too.) -Pon
  8. Pon

    Am I Ready? :s

    it'll be easy for you i was quite easy when i did it i could use dragon and i was lvl 62 with 45 mage and did it with ease.
  9. Pon

    A Solution To Jagex's Spam

    It'd be a good idea but you could easly just click public chat or somethin...
  10. Pon

    Ip Checking Pin

    Sweet if you could say that to JaGex i hope they'd aprove it
  11. Pon

    Progression Monitor

    Yep, thats one of the best ideas ive seen all day..very nice pics btw..
  12. Pon

    Summoning Exp

    Good idea but..i agree that the rewards would have to be low...u cant...have them so high that it gets you up a level or something...
  13. Pon

    F.o.g Spell Bookj

    Idk what to think about that? Doubt JaGex would aprove that....
  14. Pon

    The 3 Items You Keep On Death

    Im glad that SOMEONE finally brought this up because i agree.

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