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  1. DemonGoat666

    Do You Do Drugs?

    I use to smoke pot and overdose on Triple C's (Skittles as they call sudaffed PE here in Wisconsin). The only thing I do is drink alcohol when Im at my girl's place. Pot only clouds ur judgement like alcohol. If u get laced pot, that shizzle will harm u. U need to get the real stuff. Homegrown.
  2. DemonGoat666


    Here are my favorite Screamo bands: The Berzerker Behemoth Slipknot Dragonforce DevilDriver Dry Kill Logic Dying Fetus Ill Nino Killswitch Engage Lamb of God Napalm Death
  3. DemonGoat666


    Relationships can be either good or bad. It depends on who you are with. Ive gotten my heart broken once and was under the influence of pot with the other one, finding out she only wanted me for sex. I hate both of my ex's, but I have someone else now in my life that's way better than my 2 ex's. I'm engaged to her and shes the most wonderful and beautiful woman Ive ever been with in my life. Her and I have been engaged since November of 2006 and we plan on moving in together either next year or after college. It all depends on who you meet.
  4. DemonGoat666

    It's Official, I'm An Hp N00b

    I was planning on 70 mage later, but honestly I don't see any other point because i'm FREE TO PLAY FOR LIFE. and yes defense is essential for tanks even in f2p. Still thanks for the comment Dude Nice stats. I should start working on my range considering its at a lvl 4 but here is my stats in the signature of April 29. Man my total lvl is 668 and ur 2 lvls above me. lol. Well I got in some mem stats when I was a mem back in December.
  5. DemonGoat666

    Favorite Anime/manga

    Full Metal Alchemist is a very good anime series. I miss the days of Trigun on Adult Swim. Especially FLCL, which is such an obscured anime and the manga is even more obscured but I love it. Even though it was only 6 episode long.
  6. DemonGoat666

    Favorite God

    My favorite Gods are Guthix and Zamorak. Saradorim does have good looking armor and items, but I see myself more of a Guthix/Zamorak follower[Pagan/Satanist in real life] EDIT: my bad. It didnt show my previous post before this one.
  7. DemonGoat666

    Rating An Essay

    Ideas: 6 Voice 6: Organization: 6 Conventions: 6 You got my attention really well. I like the points you made against school uniforms. You should add in how the uniforms can rip really easily if the person can't fit into the uniforms anymore. Having uniforms in school is such a big waste in money. It should be used in more important things like adding in an expansion to the shcool, get new and better teachers, provide better education. The high school thats a couple of miles away from my college is losing teachers and packing in 90 students in a class room because of budget cuts. It'll be a couple of years before the school will close down and transfer everyone to their rival school out in Milwaukee, WI. Oh one more thing, try to make the letter sound "professional". Make a better thesis statement than starting off in the letter that "in this letter I will" blah blah blah. People don't like that when you do a essay related letter.
  8. DemonGoat666

    Favorite God

    My two favorite Gods are Guthix and Zamorak. Ive heard a bit bout Bandos but I havent looked into the minor Gods. Anyone can tell me more about the minor RS gods.
  9. DemonGoat666

    The Leet Lounge

    \/\/311 I 1i|<3 |o4/\/[4|<35. 3\/3|2 7|-|0|_|9|-|7 0ph 7|-|47? |_0|_. 50 |-|0\/\/'5 3\/3|2y0/\/3 |333/\/?
  10. lets see... I was scammed into thinking players could trim armor. Getting killed in the wildy with most of my good stuff on. I think those were the only two. I still get low lvl ppl calling me a noob and Im a lvl 81. pfft oh well. I hope they get killed and lose all their good shizzle.
  11. DemonGoat666

    Hey Ya'll Im New

    If you need anymore help with advices for fixing a desktop or laptop just ask me unless you find someone smarter than me lol :P. 1337 h4x0|2!!! :)
  12. I decided to open this thread for any Guilty Gear fans wanting to talk so yea. If theres any Guilty Gear Fans here Im sure you all heard about "Guilty Gear 2 Overture" coming out soon for the Xbox 360. If not then you should check it out. Guilty Gear 2 Overture is the actual sequel to the PS1 hit: Guilty Gear 1: The Missing Link. Heres the storyline to GG2: Overture, [The story takes place five years after the first Guilty Gear game. Sol Badguy is still free, but now travels with the young warrior Sin. Meanwhile, Ky Kiske, who is now the king of a country named Illyuria, has learned of two shocking developments: first, the Gears that have been sealed away for many years are now beginning to vanish; and second, his kingdom is under attack by a mysterious force. Desperate, he sends out a Wanted Poster with Sol's face on it, demanding he'd be brought to Illuria. Sol and Sin have realized that this is Ky's way of calling for help, and rush to the rescue as they find themselves surrounded by strange, doll-like women armed with giant wrenches.] Could this mean that Leopaldon and Justice make their return to Overture? Not quite sure but the US Xbox 360 players will find out when GG 2: Overture comes out to 360 in Sept 2008.
  13. DemonGoat666

    Linking And Reasons

    R u using Microsoft Frontpage 2003?
  14. DemonGoat666

    Forces Of Hell- Mature Active Community

    The best bet to contact me is either here or on my email [email protected] Im usually on everyday but mostly on the weekends. I got finals coming up soon so more likely ill be on in the weekends. Ill join the may 4th rev hunting if u want. I can provide crumble undead to help out.
  15. DemonGoat666

    Hey Ya'll Im New

    If its for the Laptop im not quite sure. I think you could but Im still a beginner in working with laptops. If the Hard Drive in the laptop is not broken then it is easily salvagable. I have more experience with desktop type computer but I could ask my uncle. He knows how to fix up laptops really well so I'll see if I can get a hold of him.

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