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  1. F1r3o

    Runescape Dinasty Defeats The Titans

    Great job today RuneScape Dinasty. We performed magnificently.
  2. F1r3o

    Runescape Dinasty Vs The Rising

    Good fight TR, I enjoyed it and I'm pleased with our turnout & performance considering the prep.
  3. F1r3o

    Runescape Dinasty

  4. Runescape Dinasty Vs Shadow Elves RSD Memberlist | RSD Forums Shadow Elves approached Runescape Dinasty with an offer of a Full Out War with 6 days preparation. Knowing that we had very similar member counts, RSD gladly accepted the offer. The Rules were as follows: Full Out Melee/Bind Only Middle Boundaries Both RSD and Shadow Elves pulled exactly the same amount of people. We knew it was going to be close, and we would need a strong performance. RSD Starting: 56SE Starting: 56 Both clans started with quick KO's, the fight was very fast paced. Both sides showed great transitions and binding. Neither clan really got an advantage over the other untill RSD finally started to get ahead with about 33 remaining. Eventually RSD extended the lead, to the point where we had 21 remaining. Good fight Shadow Elves.

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